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How to geolocate your children with your Android mobile

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Letting her children go to school alone is a source of anxiety for many parents. Thanks to smartphones, it is now possible to follow the movements of his offspring live. Some applications even offer a notification system allowing you to be notified when your child arrives at school or enters your home..

Track the movements of his children

Your child is entering college. Impossible for you to accompany him. Imagine the shame he will have with his classmates if they see you disembark every morning in front of the college. Inevitably this new situation stresses you out.

What's more normal. Small children are particularly vulnerable. The route between the family home and the Grande École resembles a route full of pitfalls (exits from the car park, works, pedestrian crossing). The dangers of the road are real. Especially since at this age, children find it very difficult to assess distances and anticipate risks..

To reassure you, there are many solutions available today to know at all times where your little angel is. The geolocation systems include also among the most popular technologies by the general public.

Whether trackers in the shape of key chains, GPS bracelets or Android applications, the choice in terms of cookies is vast and varied. With new technologies, it has never been easier to spy on children..

How to know if your child is home after school

The Familo application presented in this tutorial allows not only to follow the movements of his child but also to be notified live when he returns to a very specific area (family home, school, gym, grandparents' apartments etc.) …). image The app also has an SOS button to immediately contact parents in the event of problems or an emergency.

The implementation of this geolocation solution and the configuration of the security zones does not require any computer knowledge.

  • Open the Play Store app on your Android smartphone
  • Click on the Search field
  • In the text box provided, enter the name of the application, ie Familo
  • Press on the result named Family locator (French name of Familo)
  • Then install the software
  • Repeat the same operation on your children's phones
  • Then launch the application on your smartphone
  • Enter your phone number to activate your account
  • Press the group tab then the button create a new group image
  • Give it a name (for example my tribe)
  • Click the add member button
  • Select in your address book the people whose movements you want to follow
  • Confirm your selection by confirming the button at the top right of the window
  • Your children or friends will then receive an invitation asking them to join the group you have just created
  • If the latter have not installed the Familo application, they will receive an SMS with a clickable link to download the app from the Play Store.
  • Attention to be able to locate in real time your children, they will have to select the Visible option

Create a safe area

You don't want to spend your day spying on your children's trips on a map? We will see how to set up safe areas. So as soon as your offspring enters or leaves one of these predefined places (school, university, work, gym, music lessons, etc.), you will be automatically informed by notification.

  • Select the Places tab
  • Click the add zone button
  • For example, enter your home address and click on search
  • Then save this area in Familo
  • Select the new place you just created from the list
  • Then activate and deactivate the sending of automatic notifications for each member of the group