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Limit internet access with SFR Family parental control

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The Internet is a fabulous tool for communication and access to knowledge. However we find everything on the web and the best sometimes rubs the worst. Parents should therefore protect and limit internet access on their children 's devices. We will see how to limit internet access on all equipment in your home directly from a mobile with the SFR Family parental control application..

Children facing the dangers of the internet

In the space of a few years, the internet has become the main means of communication for young people. Social media offers people under 20 different tools to exchange information with their friends (text, video, sound, image). Please note that the use of these platforms is far from trivial and risks exist.

It should never be forgotten that any publication (text, photo) posted on the internet can be shared by relatives and then reused by anyone. It is therefore advisable to be particularly careful when making a photo public on the canvas. Everyone around us knows someone or a friend who has been the victim of cyber-harassment..

Be careful, the dangers are not limited only to social networks. Young people very often find themselves confronted with unwanted and dangerous content . It is therefore important that parents ensure that their offspring use the internet responsibly, even if it means blocking access to certain sites .

Limit the time spent in front of the internet

Another problem remains, the time spent on the internet. It is very difficult to defeat a young adolescent from his mobile or computer when it is time to go to bed. It has now become the number one source of conflict in families..

Fortunately, several operators like SFR offer tools to define periods of use and manage the time spent by our children in front of connected screens. Even if these software will never replace the vigilance of the parents, they can nevertheless prove to be very useful especially if your children are used to being alone.

Configure SFR Family parental control

SFR box owners can now create user profiles and restrict Internet access for some of your equipment (smartphone, computer, tablet). The setting and configuration of its rules is done on an interface only directly from an Android smartphone.

Before starting the configuration, you will need to subscribe to the SFR Family service . To do this, log into your customer account and then in the Choose new options section, select the offer corresponding to parental control. At the end of the procedure, you receive an email telling you that your order has been validated. In this message, you will find a link to create a parent account.

  • Click on the button create a parent account
  • Enter an email address and password. Obviously your children should not have knowledge of your identifiers.
  • Accept the terms of use then press the Validate button

Your parent account is now activated. We will now be able to use the SFR Family parental control application.

  • Launch the Play Store app
  • Download and install the SFR Family parental control app
  • During the first start-up, you will be asked to enter your identifiers
  • Then click on the add new child button image
  • Enter the first name, last name, date of birth and gender and confirm by pressing the add button
  • Repeat the same operation for all the other members of your family

Add equipment

PC, Mac, tablets or computers, the SFR Family parental control application allows you to manage multiple devices directly from your smartphone

  • Click on the New equipment button image
  • Enter the phone number of the smartphone to manage and press the send button

Filter shocking and unwanted content

The SFR Family parental control application allows you to filter internet content according to two modes (young child, pre-teen and teen). Navigation for the little ones is only possible on a limited number of sites. For example, access to search engines (such as Google or Bing) but also sites and violent games are blocked for young children.

  • In the application click on your child's name
  • Then select the check option then web filtering
  • Choose from the list the filtering mode corresponding to your child's age image

How to set up periods of use schedules

image To limit the time of children and teens on the net, the SFR Family parental control application integrated a tool allowing to define time slots for use.

  • Click on the Coach tab then the name of one of your children
  • Then select one of the mobile services (App Store, internet browser, messaging, phone) or one of the applications you want to block according to the schedule
  • Click on the small pendulum on the left to create a blocking time slot image

Important detail, the SFR Family parental control application includes a system allowing all equipment to be blocked for a fixed period. Just click on your child's name and select the A table option . image Then with the + and - keys you will select the duration during which you will completely block the internet. Clever for spending family meals without a smartphone.