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Disable character preview on the iPhone keyboard

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The virtual keyboard supplied by default with the iPhone incorporates many features to facilitate typing with one hand. So each time you press a character on the keyboard, the key automatically expands. If the character preview option bothers you more than it helps, just deactivate it in the settings of your Apple smartphone. We explain how to do it..

Change the keyboard layout of the iPhone

The keyboard of the iPhone and iPad has been specially designed to meet the expectations of the greatest number. However, to take full advantage of the features offered by this input device , you will need to get your hands dirty and go for a quick tour in the device settings. These few "lost" minutes to configure your keyboard will greatly improve the comfort of using your iPhone or iPad.

Delete the character preview on an Apple mobile device

The iPhone keyboard has always offered a clever system that automatically enlarges the key as soon as you touch a character on the keyboard with your finger. This device, present since the very first generation of iPhone, is supposed to facilitate data entry. If you do not want to see the pop-up character previews on your keyboard, we will explain how to deactivate this option..

  • Click on the Settings icon on the desktop of your iPhone or iPad
  • Select the General section and then Keyboard image
  • In the all keyboards section you should see a switch called Character overview image
  • Press it to put it in OFF position
  • The latter will change color and become white
  • Then return to the iPhone desktop by clicking on the physical Home button
  • Open an application requiring the use of the keyboard
  • Take a test by typing a few words

If the operation went smoothly, you should no longer see the character previews when you press the keys on the keyboard. Your neighbor on the train, on the bus or on the plane will have a harder time seeing what you are typing with your fingertips on your smartphone. We all know the brightness of mobile screens attracts prying eyes. Besides, who has never had the unpleasant feeling that you looked over your shoulder?