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How to easily capture a Meowth on Pokémon Go

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Capturing a Meowth or better a Persian on Pokémon Go is much more complicated than it seems. To help you in this difficult quest, the Go Map application provides you with an interactive map which locates the location of all the Pokémon near you..

Cheat on Pokémon Go

Everyone has been cheating since the world started. Video games do not disregard this rule. It is an integral part of cyberculture. Secret codes, applications tampered with to modify its performance, cheaters stop at nothing to achieve their ends.

The overwhelming success of Pokemon Go has sparked many lusts. Some players in a hurry have implemented schemes to catch Pokémon faster without having to leave the comfort of their homes. This is the case, for example, of the Go Map application ..

Locate the Pokémon around you in one click

This collaborative map, completed by the players themselves, lists the location of all Pokémon including the much sought after Meowth. image Each user is invited to exchange with the rest of the community their best corners. The accuracy of the map is such that you can easily locate small monsters three blocks from your home.

No need to walk several kilometers to enrich your collection. Thanks to this card, impatient hunters will be able to fill their Pokédex in the blink of an eye without fear of returning empty-handed from their long walk..

Capture a Meowth with Go Map

Meowth haunts the streets in search of coins abandoned by passers-by. Like a good feline, he roams discreetly without leaving traces. It is mainly found in urban areas. image Attention this purring animal can very easily transform into a wild beast ready to pounce all claws outside on its attacker.

Tracking it requires patience and a little luck. If you don't have either, why not get help from the Go Map app.

  • Open the Play Store
  • In the search module type Go Map
  • Activate the GPS location function of your smartphone
  • Launch the Go Map app

The maps used to locate Pokémon use Google Maps technology. Regulars of Google's mapping service will gladly find the home interface of the American search giant.

Important detail, the Go Map application has a function to filter your search on a specific Pokémon . image To do this, simply type the name of the monster sought in the insert provided for this purpose at the top of the screen. Then scroll the map until the icon representing the beast appears on the map.

The collaborative map can also be used to locate arenas and Pokéstop around you. Please note that the data displayed is not 100% reliable. An indicator (green or red thumb) placed next to each Pokémon will allow you to judge the quality of the information provided by other members. image

As you probably know, Pokémon appear randomly and disappear every 10 minutes. So will you tell me what is the point of using Go Maps? Well, some little animals have got into the habit of regularly appearing in the same place. Do not hesitate to return regularly to certain locations. You risk making beautiful meetings.