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How to find an open gas station on Google Maps

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Endangered gas stations
Where are the petrol pumps?
Find a gas station with Maps


Each year in France, 250 petrol pumps close their doors. In some areas, finding an open gas station has become an obstacle course. Today we’ll see how the Google Maps app can help you locate the nearest gas station..

Endangered gas stations

The desertification of petrol stations is far from a fantasy. Every day thousands of motorists get impatient because they cannot fill the tank of their vehicle.

The introduction of new environmental standards and the anti-car policy pursued by certain municipalities reduce the number of pumps making the situation even more tense. The detours and the long minutes lost to just refuel are the daily lot of many motorists..

Where are the petrol pumps?

This situation can cause big problems especially during country getaways or trips. Traveling the small roads and exploring the great outdoors remains a pleasure apart. However, if the fuel reserve warning light comes on, things can get complicated.

image If you are one of those people who do not check before leaving their tank level, you will be happy to know that the Google Maps application now offers a new feature to guide you to the nearest petrol pump. depending on your location

Find a gas station with Maps

Nothing new under the sun, you say. Several applications, in particular Petrol Comparator Fuel, have been offering an equivalent service for several years. Except that here no need to clutter the storage space of his mobile with yet another application. Memory remains today a rare and expensive commodity that must be saved..

  • Open Google Maps
  • Create a route by typing in the search field the address of your place of destination image
  • Then launch the navigation
  • Your route will appear on the screen of your Android mobile
  • The road marked in blue representing the route advised by Maps
  • Click on the magnifying glass icon on the right side of the navigation screen image
  • In the option list click on gas stations image
  • Then move on the map to view the nearest gas station
  • Then click on the name of a fuel pump for additional information.

image Once you have made your choice, all you have to do is press the add stage button so that Google Maps will take you directly to the petrol station. Note that unlike the American version, Google Maps does not (yet) display the price of fuels .