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How to play the Flappy Bird clone on Android Marshmallow

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For several years Google has got into the habit of hiding some small surprises in its mobile operating system. Marshmallow is no exception to the rule by integrating a hidden game. We are explaining to you today how to unlock this Flappy Bird clone..

The Flappy Bird game, a global phenomenon

Remember a few years ago the game Flappy Bird developed by a Vietnamese caracolait at the top of the ranking of the Play Store. This little 8-bit arcade game has enjoyed unprecedented success in just a few weeks. The game was then removed from various app stores for unknown reasons.

There is also a good chance that you have already played this game once. If you want to test your agility know that there are now hundreds if not thousands of clones of Flappy Bird . You will easily find your happiness on the Google store..

A hidden Flappy Bird clone on Android Marshmallow

For anyone who does not want to download yet another game on their mobile, we have good news for them. Google teams have hidden in the bowels of Android Marshmallow a real copy of Flappy Bird.

image The little bird from the original version has been replaced by bugdroid , the Android figurine. The latter must dodge marshmallows planted on straws. To guide the character through the different levels of the app, the player will have to tap on the screen. Difficult to make a simpler gameplay..

How to launch the hidden game

We will now see how to access the hidden game of Android Marshmallow .

  • Open the settings of your Android smartphone
  • Bring down the window
  • Select the About phone section image
  • Click several times on Android version until you see the Marshmallow logo
  • Tap it several times then leave your finger pressed on the screen to launch the hidden game

Note that the game has a multiplayer mode. However, the games take place on the same screen. This is likely to create some jostling around the smartphone, especially when you know that the game accepts up to 6 players.