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iPhone: how to make selfies

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An app to help you make the perfect selfie
How Microsoft Selfie Works


Real social phenomenon, selfies have invaded social networks (Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook) for a few years. Stars or anonymous, everyone succumbs to this fashion. But taking a self-portrait with your mobile is not as easy as you might think. We present to you today an application to succeed for sure all your selfies..

An app to help you make the perfect selfie

Taking a selfie with your smartphone is no problem. Everyone can do it. But making the perfect self-portrait requires a minimum of know-how and requires mastering the codes of the discipline (angle of view, light, pose, etc.). Fortunately, Microsoft developers have looked into this thorny problem. After months and months of work, the American firm has just launched an iPhone application soberly called Microsoft Selfie . image Thanks to powerful algorithms, the latter will help you enhance your selfies in seconds and without any photo knowledge. It is the essential tool to avoid shaming yourself on social networks and make your friends drool with jealousy.

How Microsoft Selfie Works

This powerful application is capable of detecting in less than a second your age, your gender, your skin color but also the type of lighting used when taking pictures. Once all these criteria have been analyzed, Microsoft Selfie will offer you the perfect photo editing . Automatic correction of photo exposure, noise reduction in low light, smoothing of the skin texture, here are some of the improvements made by this app..

image The interface is extremely intuitive. You can test each tool and view the retouching result live. You don't have to be a Photoshop specialist to smooth out small facial imperfections. Unlike other photo editing applications, you do not have to select the effect to apply and then the area to be corrected. Microsoft Selfie takes care of everything. No risk of paint bucket effect as we can see very often on some retouched photos . The result remains natural. It is really a breeze to restore intensity to a look or radiance to a slightly too dull complexion.

image Like all good photo applications , Microsoft Selfie also has a dozen filters (13 to be precise). This feature is reminiscent of what Instagram offers. You select a filter and then use a small slider to vary the intensity of the effect. This feature is very useful to give cachet to your selfies or to enhance a poor quality photo. The Microsoft Selfie app is available for free on the App Store image