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Flipagram: the app to create video slideshows

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A simple way to enhance your photos
How to create a video slideshow with Flipagram


Have you dreamed of creating pretty little video clips from the photos stored on your Android smartphone? Flipagram is the app you need to have. With a few clicks, you can create beautiful video slideshows and then share them with your family and friends..

A simple way to enhance your photos

Flipagram is the reference application for creating video slideshows. With her, creating a video clip from photos taken with your smartphone has never been easier. No more worrying about technical aspects.

You select a few photos from your gallery, add your favorite piece of music, some effects and text. And there you go, you've just created your video slideshow. Of course, you can then share your slideshow with your friends or post it on social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, etc.)..

image In addition to its ease of use, the Flipagram application has the advantage of integrating high-quality music extracts by default. We are far from the silliness offered by certain other slideshow applications. We just regret that these last no more than 60 seconds. To have the whole piece you will have no choice but to pay.

How to create a video slideshow with Flipagram

As you will see, creating a video clip with Flipagram is very simple..

  • Open the Play Store and download Flipagram
  • Launch the application
  • Then select the location where your photos are stored
  • The application is capable of recovering images posted on your Facebook page or on Google Photo
  • By clicking on the pencil icon, you can change the size of your photos, duplicate them, add text, but also the order of appearance
  • Then press the next button
  • We will now add a soundtrack by clicking on the Music button
  • If you want to add a song stored on your smartphone select the My Music option and search the tree for the desired title
  • The Flipagram app offers hundreds of limited songs. Click on the Music Search icon and make your selection from the huge catalog. Please note that free listening is limited to 60 seconds
  • Then press the Speed ​​button to adjust the scrolling of your photos and Filters to enhance your photos
  • Then name your video

Here is the tutorial coming to an end. You now know how to create a video slideshow from your photos with Flipagram. Note that the application has a social network mode. You can thus create a profile, become a Flipagram and participate in the various channels (selfies, humor, animals) by posting your video clips. image Like on Facebook, other members will be able to add likes and comments to your creations.

Among the negatives, we just regret the absence of an online Flipagram version in order to be able to consult the video clips directly from his computer.