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How to turn an iPhone into a computer webcam

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You are disappointed by the poor performance of the webcam on your computer. So why not take advantage of your iPhone's camera to make computer video calls. Today we find on the App Store applications capable of transforming any iPhone into a high-resolution webcam using a simple USB cable..

Improve the quality of your video calls

With the development of telework, the webcam has become an essential tool for many Internet users. Whether it's to chat with friends, organize a business meeting or participate in an online teleconsultation, no one can do without the camera placed above your computer screen today.

Although most laptops have a webcam, some devices do not. Added to this is the fact that not all cameras are created equal. The lens fitted to some webcams often offers just satisfactory video quality..

For example, the webcam of the latest MacBooks must be content with a 720p resolution, while the cameras of iPhones and iPads have superb much better optics (1080P) with optical image stabilization.

This is, moreover, very strange. The firm's apple laptops take advantage of the latest technological refinements (keyboard, processor power), but Apple is still reluctant to equip them with high-definition webcams..

Use your iPhone as a webcam

If you are not satisfied with the video quality of your videoconferences, know that the English publisher Reincubate have launched an application that allow you to use the camera of the iPhone or iPad as a webcam.