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Defumblr: a smart lock screen for Android

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Defumblr is a smart lock screen for Android designed to give users quick access to their most important information. It adapts automatically according to their usage habits in order to make all their favorite applications accessible with a simple swipe of the finger..

Change lock screen

The vast majority of Android smartphone owners pay little attention to their lock screen. And yet it is the first thing they see when they activate their Android smartphone. It must be said that most manufacturers do not make much effort to customize the lock screens of their mobiles. Whatever the models, they often offer the bare minimum namely the time, notifications, see for some one or two widgets and that's very often all.

Alternative lock screen

The Delvy development team in charge of the Defumblr application has chosen to completely rethink the lock screen of Android phones. Shortcuts to applications as well as notifications appear as colored circles. These little colorful widgets allow users to directly access a whole set of functions. image For example, you can reply to messages without unlocking your device or access various practical information (info, weather). You can also add shortcuts to your favorite applications as with any lock screen but also automatically change your wallpaper image at regular intervals. image

Defumblr adapts to your usage habits

In addition to these features, Defumblr offers a so-called intelligent mode allowing you to customize the display of your lock screen according to your usage habits. For example, if you use the same application every day at the same time, Defumblr will place the application on the lock screen at the appropriate time. image Likewise, if you have saved an appointment in your calendar, the Calendar widget will appear on the lock screen of your phone and become larger as the time of your appointment approaches. you. Obviously all this is done automatically without any intervention on your part..

Defumblr not only personalizes the lock screen of your Android mobile, it is also capable of anticipating your actions. Imagine that you receive a message inviting you to a lunch or an evening. Well Defumblr will suggest that you integrate this invitation into your calendar by simply clicking a button. Practical, right?

It is undoubtedly one of the most complete lock screens on the market. Defumblr is available for free download from the Google Play Store.