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Top 3 music recognition apps on Android

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Sound Search for Google Play
Sound hound
How to use Google's music recognition widget


In the evening, you listen to music that you love but now you are unable to remember the title or the artist? Fortunately, there are now music recognition apps designed to instantly identify all song titles. Today we offer our selection of the 5 best tools to quickly obtain all the information on a music title without taking the lead..


Shazam is by far the most popular music recognition app on Android. Whether you are in a club, in a restaurant or in a shopping mall, this one will help you put a name on a tune of music . image Just take your smartphone out of your pocket, launch the app and tap the Shazam button.

The application will then capture via the microphone of your smartphone an extract of the sound you are listening to. A few seconds later, you will see displayed on your mobile screen, the song title , the name of the performer, a link to view the video clip on YouTube or to listen to an extract of the song. Practical, right?

Sound hound

Less known than Shazam, but just as effective, Sound Hound is able to identify music in seconds. But this is not its only asset. Sound Hound has a particularly efficient music recognition engine . image Indeed the latter is able to recognize a song just by whistling or singing the air. No need to have an extract of the music to get its name..

You place the microphone of your smartphone in front of your mouth, you hum a little tune and Sound Hound finds the title of the song. Try it, the result is amazing. Note that the application does not impose any limit on the number of musical extracts identified per day.

Sound Search for Google Play

And finally, this top 3 of the best music recognition applications by Sound Search for Google Play. Like its rivals, this application is capable of identifying the titles you are listening to. If ever at random during your walks, you come across a tune that you like, a simple click on the widget is enough to discover the name and the performer of the song. image No need to launch the application to use it. You can identify your music directly from your phone's lock screen..

How to use Google's music recognition widget

Very often, the time to take your smartphone out of your bag, find the music recognition application and launch it, the song is already over. To overcome this problem, Sound Search for Google Play offers you to perform this operation from the home screen of your mobile.

  • Open the Play Store and search for the Sound Search for Google Play app
  • Click on the Install button
  • Keep your finger pressed on the home screen of your smartphone in a blank area of ​​any application shortcut
  • From the menu, select Widgets
  • Scroll down until you find the Sound Search For Google Play app
  • Leave your finger pressed on the icon What is this title and place it on the desktop of your Android

Then as soon as you hear an interesting music but of which you ignore all, it will be enough to press on What is this title to launch the audio search.