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YouZeek: listen to free music on your mobile

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Free, legal and unlimited music listening
How to use Youzeek?
Create a playlist on Youzeek


For music lovers on a tight budget, the Youzeek music app provides more than 30 million songs for free and legally. This music streaming service allows you to listen to any artist without subscription or time restriction. Whatever type of music you are looking for, pop, rock, electronic, rap, classical, jazz, folk, you will surely find what you are looking for..

Free, legal and unlimited music listening

We no longer present Deezer and Spotify. These two music streaming services have enjoyed tremendous success in recent years. Unfortunately their free plans suffer from many restrictions (advertising, possibility to listen to playlists only, etc.)

To take full advantage of their huge catalog from a smartphone, you will have no choice but to subscribe to a paid subscription.

If you are looking for a free alternative to these two behemoths, then Youzeek should appeal to you. This audio player for Android smartphone gives you access to millions of songs to listen to unlimited and legally. His secret? Unlike other music streaming services, Youzeek will grab songs from the huge YouTube catalog..

image In terms of functionality, Youzeek has nothing to envy to these illustrious competitors. You will be able to create playlists, consult those of your friends, chat with other members of the service, discover groups and singers according to your tastes, consult the artist files and even synchronize your playlists to listen to them offline. image

How to use Youzeek?

Here is the procedure to follow to listen to unlimited music on Youzeek.

  • Open the Google Play Store and search for the Youzeek app
  • Click on the install button
  • During the first use, Youzeek will ask you to create an account
  • This step is not required to use the basic functions of the music player, namely searching for songs and listening
  • Click on the Later button to go directly to the application
  • If on the other hand you want to take full advantage of all the features (creation of playlists or offline mode), you will need to have an account
  • The operation is completely free and will only take a few seconds
  • Then press the magnifying glass icon
  • Type the name of your favorite artist or the name of a song image
  • To start listening to a song, simply select the title in the list of results

Create a playlist on Youzeek

Not surprisingly, the Youzeek interface offers a sober and functional graphic charter. The whole is clean and clear, no frills. Managing your music library is a breeze. Of course, Youzeek offers you the possibility of creating your own playlists, listening to them as many times as you want and even displaying them on the home page of the application..

  • Open Youzeek's search module
  • Enter for example the name of an artist
  • In the list of results click on the button (3 vertically aligned dots) located to the right of the song title image
  • Select the option add to a playlist
  • Give it a name

And here you have created your first playlist .. You can then use it to personalize the home page of the application. image Finally it should be noted that even if Youzeek offers a huge catalog and many features, it still lacks a ranking of the titles most listened to by country. Hopefully this little flaw will be fixed in a new version.