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How to save notifications on an Android mobile

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We all received an important notification one day which we could not respond to due to lack of time. But then how can we not forget it? We will see that today there is an application capable of recording notifications and setting reminders in order to deal with them later..

Flood of push alerts

The flood of notifications that arrive on our smartphones daily is not without causing some problems for the users that we are. It is not always easy to sort through this deluge of information.

Many of you still believe that notifications should be read and processed immediately. It's a twist. To avoid being invaded and regain control you can either deactivate notifications from certain applications or save the most important ones to respond to them later..

Efficiently manage your notifications with Boomerang Notifications

There are a variety of apps on the Play Store to help you better manage your notifications and become more efficient. This is particularly the case for the Boomerang Notifications application. Once installed on your smartphone, it will allow you to save your notifications and automatically create reminders so that you don't forget them.

  • Open the Google Play Store
  • Do a search by entering the name of the app, namely Boomerang Notifications
  • Click on the install button
  • During the first launch Boomerang will ask you to grant it permission to access your notifications
  • Validate permissions

Boomerang is able to manage notifications from any application. That said, many alerts like those of online games are of little interest. image Rather than authorizing Boomerang to save all the notifications received on your smartphone, it is preferable to make a small pre-selection beforehand. This step will then allow you to save considerable time..

  • In the Saving notifications section, select the Select which apps to activate check box.
  • Then select from the list of apps for which you want to be able to save notifications

How to set a reminder for notifications

The Boomerang application is now configured. You just have to wait for the arrival of a new notification.

  • Open the notifications panel by sliding your finger from the top to the bottom of the screen
  • Close a notification by swiping the screen to the right
  • Boomerang will then display a message offering you two options: save the previously deleted notification (Save) in the history or save it and program an alert (Save + Reminder)
  • If you choose the second option, Boomerang will ask you when you want to receive the notification reminder (a little later, tomorrow or specify a specific time and date)

Note that you can consult the history of your recorded notifications at any time. To do this, simply open the application and click on the Recent notifications tab .