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5 free icon packs for Android

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Do you want to give a new look to your Android mobile interface? That's good. Today we offer our selection of 10 free icon packs to personalize your smartphone without spending a single euro..

Personalize your mobile

The graphic overlay your phone you out through your eyes? So why not download an icon pack. These small applications make the interface of any mobile attractive at a lower cost. It is by far the simplest and least expensive solution for personalizing a phone.

What is an icon pack?

Icon packs are nothing more than small applications that will automatically replace the icons on your desktop and the menus on your mobile. To be able to use them, you will first need to install a launcher. For those who do not know, the launchers apps will allow you to personalize the screen of your mobile and especially the icons..

image If you don't have one, I recommend trying Nova Launcher. Once it is installed on your device, you can very easily install beautiful icon packs. You just need to open the Nova display settings and select from the list the icons you want to appear on your phone screen.

Our Top 10 of the prettiest icon packs

By browsing a bit on the Play Store you can easily find dozens of icon packs. Flat design, vintage, black and white icons there is something for everyone. To help you sort it out, we have put together a selection of 5 Android icon packs for you..

Beautiful UI Icon Pack

image Belle UI is certainly one of the prettiest icon packs for Android mobile. You will find absolutely everything you need to embellish your smartphone. Nothing is missing. Note the superb work of the designers.


image Stamped contains no less than 1000 free icons. Their black and white postage stamp look will delight lovers of minimalist illustrations. It's simple, readable while remaining extremely elegant. In a word to be tested urgently.

Simply 8-bit

image Here is an example of icons like 8-bit animation games. They have the merit of being extremely well done. They use the codes of retro video games like Pac Man, Zelda, Space Invaders, etc.


image This icon pack is characterized by its minimalism. Morena is reminiscent of the very popular flat design in the web world. The colors are sober but in very modern shades.


image And we finish this selection for the most beautiful packs of Android icons (in my eyes). The design is simple, modern and colorful. Judging by the number of positive reviews on the Play Store, Voxel enjoys great popularity among users of Android smartphones.

If you know of other icon packs and want to share them with getFastAnswer readers, do not hesitate to add them directly in the comments.