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Change your Android lock screen

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Tired of always having the same lock screen wallpaper? Do you dream of finding a lockscreen specially adapted for your Android smartphone? Look no further, you are at the right address. getFastAnswer has found the application for you..

Customize the Android lock screen

According to a study, we consult an average of 83 times a day the lock screen of our mobile phone. Inevitably after a little while you may tire of the austere appearance of your wallpaper. Unfortunately the latest versions of Android no longer allow you to modify the visual of the lockscreen. The photo used as wallpaper on the desktop home page is now used as the lock screen wallpaper. image In terms of personalization, it's still a little light. One wonders what happened in the minds of Google engineers the day they decided to remove this feature. That said, don't panic. By browsing a little on the Play Store, we easily find free applications to customize all that.

Change lock screen photo

Like many you think that on Android it is impossible to benefit from a clear and clean lock screen? Well you've got it all wrong. The Passcode Lock Screen app is certainly one of the prettiest lockscreen available on Google’s mobile operating system. Take a look at these photos instead. Pretty cool, right? It changes images proposed by default by the phone manufacturers. image Besides these beautiful wallpapers , Passcode Lock Screen has many other features. Once the app is installed, you will be able to protect the content of your smartphone via a password, as well as change the text on your lock screen and customize the visual of it. And given the quality of the photos offered, you risk being envious. And if you don't like the wallpapers, nothing prevents you from selecting one of the photos in your gallery..

  • To get started, head over to the Play Store.
  • Click on Passcode Lock Screen to install the application on your mobile
  • Then launch your new Lockscreen
  • Check that the Enable Screen Look button is in the On position
  • Click on Set Wallpaper
  • Select in the list iOs 8 Wallpaper and choose one of the images proposed by the application and validate with OK
  • Then click on Set Text to change the text of the lock screen
  • Do not forget to activate the PIN code lock by going to the Set your password section.


Now you have more to admire the result. To do this, click on the Preview button to view the rendering of your new lock screen. If you know of other apps, feel free to mention them in the comments. image