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How to perform a complete diagnosis of an Android mobile

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Is your screen stubbornly refusing to switch to landscape mode? Is your mobile unable to detect magnetic north? The microSD card is no longer recognized? Diagnosing faults on an Android smartphone is not always easy. Here are some simple steps to check the status of your phone's sensors..

My Android is not working, how to determine the failure

Android smartphones and tablets are loaded with sensors. Accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetic field, proximity, movement, position sensors, fingerprint reader and so on. These sensors are generally used to position the smartphone in space and provide a personalized user experience.

Problem when one of them does not work properly this leads to a whole series of malfunctions. Screen that rotates on its own, bad GPS position, loss of Wi-Fi signal, the screen goes blank when you make a call, etc..

In general, a simple restart is enough to solve the problem, but not always. For more serious concerns, you will have no other choice than to send your mobile to the after-sales service or to diagnose the failure of your smartphone yourself .

You don't know anything about it on a mobile phone? Whatever. Technology is making huge progress day after day. It is now possible to examine the status of the sensors of a mobile from a simple application..

Check the health of your phone

image As you know, your smartphone is a magic tool. Thanks to the Z device test application, you will be able to perform a complete check-up of your machine: camera, compass, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, motion sensors, battery, processor, temperature sensor, buzzer, NFC connection, GPS etc…

image Z device test reviews all the organs in your phone. At the end of each examination, you will obtain information on the type of on- board components but also and above all encrypted data in order to be able to assess their performance.

image You can for example know the number and speed of the processors, know how long it takes your GPS chip to calculate your position.

  • Open the Google Play Store
  • Download and install the Z device test app
  • Then launch the software on your Android smartphone or tablet
  • Click on the icon corresponding to the equipment you wish to test image

At the end of the examination, the tool will tell you if it has detected an anomaly on the component tested. You will be able to know if it is a hardware or software problem and not move for nothing.

image The endless queues at the service counter of a store, we all know. What could be more annoying than wasting two hours waiting in line when a simple reset would have been enough to solve your problem.