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iPhone: activate acknowledgments for SMS

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The acknowledgments of receipt for SMS on iOs
How SMS & Accused works


As incredible as it may seem, Apple has not seen fit to integrate an SMS acknowledgment function on its iPhone. Fortunately there is a solution to make sure that your correspondent has received your message. We tell you more below..

The acknowledgments of receipt for SMS on iOs

If you are a regular user of the Apple messaging service, you should probably already know the read receipts on iMessage. This function lets you know if the recipient of your message has received or read your message correctly.

Problem, this service only works with Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Mac). If you send an SMS to an Android smartphone, you cannot receive an acknowledgment. Pretty annoying, right?

As often, developers have addressed this problem, including the iPup team. Their SMS & Acknowledgments application aims to offer iPhone users a system capable of compensating for the absence of acknowledgments of receipt for SMS on iOs..

How SMS & Accused works

The principle is extremely simple. You install SMS & Accused on your Apple smartphone. You then write your message directly from the application. Your correspondent receives a link in the SMS. Just click on it to automatically send you a read receipt. It works very well. On the other hand, the system is subject to the goodwill of the recipient of the SMS. If the user refuses to click on the link, you cannot be notified of the receipt of your message.

The SMS & Accused application is completely free. Only an advertising banner will be discreetly added at the bottom of the app. If this bothers you, nothing prevents you from opting for the Premium version sold for less than two euros on the App Store..

Note, the messages sent are deducted from your package as with the messaging service offered by default on the iPhone.