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Slideshow: create a video clip from your photos

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Turn your photos into a video clip
How to use SoClip


In the digital age, pressing the shutter button on your camera or smartphone no longer costs anything. So, we machine-gun, we accumulate tens of thousands of images without even taking the time to look at them. What to do with all these shots? The SoClip application proposes to make pretty video clips from your photos in three clicks..

Turn your photos into a video clip

With SoClip, Dad's classic photo slideshow will get a bit old. The application developed by Frenchies offers you the possibility of making video clips from your photos. Nothing very exceptional, you say. Except that unlike other software of this type, each image fits perfectly to the rhythm of the music.

Vibrations, rotations, zoom in or out the effects added thanks to the house algorithm allow to bring photos to life. The synchronization between music and image borders on perfection. The result is really impressive. I'll let you judge in the example below..

Once the clip is finished, you can share it on social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, YouTube etc…) but also send it by email or SMS.

How to use SoClip

The handling and operation of the SoClip application are very simple. Once the application has been downloaded to your iPhone, you select your type of clips from the 3 modes offered

  • The Short whose duration varies between 20 seconds and 1 minute
  • The Long can contain up to 250 photos maximum and includes the entire selected piece of music
  • The DJ Mix as its name suggests allows you to mix several extracts of music
  • You then select the shots you want to add to your clip
  • Choose the music from the huge catalog offered by SoClip. This brings together hundreds of different titles from the biggest majors like Sony, Warner and Universal
  • Validate your choice.

image It's over, you have nothing more to do. The SoClip app automatically adds effects to make your photos come alive with the music. You can then share your clips on most social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, YouTube, Tumblr, Pinterest, WhatsApp) but also by email or SMS. With the basic version of the SoClip app, video clips cannot exceed one minute. To override this limit, you will have to upgrade to the premium version..