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Turn your mobile into a heart rate monitor

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Few users know, but the vast majority of Android smartphones today can very easily measure your pulse. Indeed, a simple photo sensor associated with a free application is enough to transform an Android mobile into a heart rate monitor. We explain everything to you, follow the guide..

Optical heart rate sensor

Since the appearance of the first high-end smartphones with a heart rate monitor , athletes and other hypochondriacs can measure their heartbeats at any time . Certainly it is practical but unfortunately smartphones incorporating this technology are offered at prohibitive prices.

Measure your heart rate with Runtastic running and fitness

image Because not everyone can put 500 euros in a phone, the Austrian company Runtastic has developed an application capable of measuring your heart rate on any Android smartphone. The only obligation is that the latter must be equipped with a simple photo sensor. This should not, however, cause you big problems since all of the mobiles sold today have a camera..

  • Open the Play Store and click on Runtastic running and fitness to install the application on your Android smartphone or tablet
  • Then click on the registration button to create an account
  • If you already have a Runtastic account, simply click on the connection button and then enter your credentials.
  • Then position your index finger on the photo sensor and the led flash of your device without exerting too much pressure
  • If your Android device does not have a flash, do not panic, nothing is lost. Your pulse measurement should be done in a room or in a well-lit environment
  • Do not move

image Once the measurement has been made, the application offers you to associate ratings as well as your state of activity (rest, before training, after sport, etc.) and your physical condition (fit, tired). image Thanks to the different graphs at your disposal, you can easily compare and analyze your heart rate. The most connected of us will also be able to share their results on social networks (Facebook, Twitter). image

We don't like less

Small important detail, the Runtastic running and fitness application allows only 3 free measurements per day. The paid version available at 1.99 euros on the Play Store offers an unlimited number of measures and contains no advertising.