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Change the icons of your Android applications

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Customize the Android desktop
Edit images of your icons


Each time you install a new application, Android automatically creates a shortcut on your mobile desktop. Unlike Windows, Google's mobile operating system doesn't allow you to change the icon image, or even the name associated with it. Fortunately, there is a way around this ban..

Customize the Android desktop

As surprising as it may seem, Android does not have a module worthy of the name to truly personalize the screen of its mobile . It is true that you can move the icons, add widgets but nothing has been planned to easily change the icons of your favorite applications. And yet this function is essential to give your smartphone a completely personal look.

Launchers very often offer multiple options to personalize the home screen of their mobile. Unfortunately these launchers are far from being free from defects. Some are heavy battery users and others are slowing down the machines on which they are installed..

Edit images of your icons

image To change the icons on your mobile's desktop without having to perform complex operations, you will need to install the free Desktop VisualizeR application. This small utility available on the Play Store will allow you to create a shortcut from your favorite images . The operation will only take you a few seconds. It is also to wonder why it is not offered by default on all Android phones.

  • Open the Google Play Store
  • In the search field type Desktop VisualizeR
  • Click on the Installation button to start downloading the application
  • Launch Desktop VisualizeR
  • Press the button Select the icon then choose from the list the type of image you want associated with your shortcut (personal photos, icon pack etc.) image
  • Then click on the Action button and select the application of your choice
  • In the label field , you can rename your icon by giving it the name you want
  • Confirm by pressing the OK key

Here you have just created a personalized shortcut. Now you just have to delete the old icons from your desktop. Please note, the notification pads appearing on the SMS management app will no longer appear once it is personalized. image Note that you will find on the net hundreds of icon packs already made to change the look of your smartphone..