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Watch a video in a floating window on Android

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The new Pip window in Android 11


The latest version of Android introduces a brand new picture-in-picture system to watch videos in a floating window. Google has reworked the PiP (Picture in Picture) functionality and made some changes to the interface..

The new Pip window in Android 11

Appeared at the end of 2017, when Android 8 Oreo was launched, the Pip feature is by far the most popular multitasking tool on Android. Many users use it daily to watch videos while using other app.

Unfortunately Android's Picture in Picture functionality suffered from many shortcomings, particularly in terms of the interface. In fact, the lack of customization spoiled the user experience a bit. The new version available with Android 11 offers some improvements such as the ability to adjust the size of the video window..

You will be able to enlarge the viewing thumbnail in order to make the most of your smartphone screen. And despite what some reviews may say, this new option is far from a gimmick. With the increase in the size of screens and their definition, Android had to offer a new, more flexible interface.