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Enjoy a selection of movies for free on Netflix

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Netflix free trial end
Watch movies and series for free on Netflix


The economic crisis we are currently experiencing is forcing households to reduce their spending. As a result, some Internet users prefer to give up their Netflix subscription. In this article, we show you a tip for watching a selection of movies and series on Netflix for free (and legally)..

Netflix free trial end

Netflix is ​​the most popular SVOD platform in the world. A pioneer in the dematerialization of audiovisual productions sector, it has been able to adapt very quickly to new forms of consumption.

Series like Stranger things, House of cards, Umbrella academy, La casa de papel or The witcher have also greatly contributed to the platform's success. Indeed, Netflix understood very early that it had to invest in original content to feed its catalog..

But that's not all. To convince new subscribers to subscribe to one of the offers, Netflix offered up to a little 30 days free trial. This made it possible to discover the entire catalog without spending a single penny for a month and to enjoy all the benefits including offline movies.

Unfortunately the platform has decided to change its commercial policy. The system allowing free use of the Netflix catalog for one month ended at the beginning of the year..

Watch movies and series for free on Netflix

For those who would like to test Netflix, rest assured nothing is lost. The video streaming platform makes a selection of films and series available free of charge. Cinephiles, children, but also series enthusiasts should easily find what they are looking for.

Free content includes Stranger Things series, Elite, Murder Mystery movie, The Two Popes, Boss Baby series for kids, and more. This programming is obviously likely to change over time.

Access to these free programs is done directly from a web browser without any registration (email and password). It's rare enough to be stressed. But beware the offer contains some restrictions.

As surprising as it may sound, the free content section of Netflix is ​​not compatible with iOS. It is therefore impossible to watch a movie or a series from the browser of the iPhone or iPad. Apple mobile device owners will need to use another device (Mac, PC or Android).

  • Open your web browser (Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Edge)
  • Enter the following address or click on the link: https://www.netflix.com/fr/watch-free
  • Scroll down to see all the programs offered in this section
  • Then click on the watch now button to start your movie or series

In this article, you will find a tip for controlling data consumption on Netflix.