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Battery drains fast with macOS Big Sur

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One of the most common problems in macOS 11 Big Sur is that the battery drains quite quickly — faster than ever before. These are the ways to solve the problem: 

  • Find out how much energy the apps consume . Traditionally, new operating systems have new and updated apps, which can overload your computer. To find out exactly which apps are draining your battery, use Apple's built-in Activity Monitor. You will find information on the energy impact of each active (or recently activated) application in the Energy tab. 

Activity Monitor app

  • Use the iStat Menus for system monitoring. For a more advanced alternative to Activity Monitor, try iStat Menus . It will show the "Applications that consume a lot of energy" in the menu bar. What's more, the app can monitor a host of different indicators - from CPU load to disk usage and memory usage. 

  • Get a battery extender app for MacBook . This is a universal solution. Endurance is an app that can make your Mac's battery last longer, no matter what macOS you have. It slows down apps running in the background, gradually dims your screen (you won't even notice it), and slows your Mac's processing speed when you're working on simple tasks.

Endurance Mac battery extender