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The menu bar disappears in macOS 11 Big Sur

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If your redesigned desktop doesn't have the menu bar in macOS Big Sur, don't worry. This is easy to fix: 

  1. Open System Preferences> Users and Groups. 
  2. Click Start Options and enter your administrator password 
  3. Disables the "Show user quick switch menu as" option
  4. Once the menu bar is back, go to System Preferences once again and select Dock & Menu Bar (the new preferences panel that allows you to show / hide controls) 
  5. Disable fast user switching to remove it from Control Center. 

These are all known macOS 11 Big Sur issues that have been reported so far. Hopefully, this guide will help you get your Mac up and running with the completely redesigned new system. You'll be sure the effort is definitely worth it - macOS 11 includes a new sidebar look, curated notifications, improved Maps and Messages, and much more. You don't want to miss it. 

To make sure you can fix all macOS Big Sur problems on the go, grab iStat Menus, CleanMyMac X, and Endurance with Setapp . It is a membership of selection of more than 200 apps that are free for 7 days. So if you don't need them for troubleshooting macOS (which we hope you will), you will need them for a lot of other things. 

If you haven't found your problem in the list, we recommend that you try cleaning the system anyway. It can help you solve many macOS Big Sur problems by increasing the performance of your Mac. If not, stay tuned. We will update this article as new issues emerge.

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