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How To Enable or Disable Temporary Messages on Whatsapp

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All about temporary messages
Activating and deactivating temporary messages in just a few steps

WhatsApp is an application that is constantly renewing itself. Indeed, Facebook's messaging service surprises us every time with new options designed to improve the user experience. As usual, WhatsApp recently made an announcement on its blog to formalize the arrival of a new feature on the mobile application.

On November 5, 2020, the instant messaging service announced through a blog post that temporary messages are now available on WhatsApp. In its press release, the app said that its goal through this feature “is to make conversations on WhatsApp as close as possible to in-person conversations, which means that you don't have to keep them forever. traces. "

By activating temporary messages, the content of your discussions will disappear after seven days.

All about temporary messages

Each of the people who exchange in an individual chat on WhatsApp can activate or deactivate the temporary messages to make all traces of their conversation disappear after seven days. However, in the case of group chats, only administrators can enable this option.

Old messages that were exchanged before the activation of this feature will not be affected by the deletion. In its blog post, WhatsApp said that this option “provides the peace of mind of knowing that your conversations will not be kept indefinitely, without sacrificing the practicality of being able to know what the purpose was. your discussion. "

Activating and deactivating temporary messages in just a few steps

If you want to take advantage of the advantages that this feature has to offer, we show you here how to activate and deactivate it in a few clicks. To activate this option, you will need to open an individual discussion on the application. Next, you will need to tap on the contact's name and click on "Temporary Messages." "In case the app gives you a request, you will need to press" Continue. " »Your changes will be saved when you press« On. "

In the case of deactivation, it is just as simple. Once in the app, you will tap the contact name again. Then you will go to "Temporary messages." "It may happen that the application asks you to press" Continue. " "After that you just have to click on" Disabled. 

Disabling temporary messages will allow you to keep the content of your discussion indefinitely.