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How to put main account on Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S

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How to put main on Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S

Having an Xbox as the main one means that from this console you and your family have access to the games you have without having to log in and you can share your Gold subscription with them. You have to take into account aspects such as that we have a limitation of up to 5 times a year to change an Xbox Series S or Xbox Series X as the main one. This seeks to prevent account fraud and the like so you have to keep track of these types of changes..


Main account features


  • With main Xbox you can enjoy content with friends and family on the same console.
  • Games and downloadable content from the Microsoft Store can be shared in addition to purchased subscriptions.
  • It can be played on the main Xbox offline.
  • When you save and log in for the first time, that console will become your primary Xbox.
  • You can only have one main Xbox at a time so choose the one you use the most.



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How to put main on Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S


Step 1

The first thing we will do is enter the "Configuration" options from the main panel.






Step 2

Now in "General" we will have to click on the "Personalization" category.




Step 3

Within the "Personalization" we will go down and go to the option that says "My main Xbox". By clicking on it we will configure our Xbox as the main one.






Step 4

You can remove that Xbox as main from the new option that appears from "Remove this Xbox as main Xbox"





Step 5

To see the number of changes we have left, click on "More information"




Step 6

Next, we will go to "How many changes are left" and it will tell us how many times you can change your Xbox as the main one.






In this way we can put a main account on our Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S.