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How to disable parental controls Fortnite Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S

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The Parental Control is a restriction method that can be found on different devices in order to limit access to content by topics depending on what age. It is a fact that minors have access to digital devices, the Internet or games and that is why we must try to control what they can or cannot do on each platform..


Parental controls in Fortnite within Fortnite Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S allows us to limit different actions as a player that can both see and do. One of the options is that we can filter adult words while they have the text chat. Other options to limit are:


Parental control Fortnite
Some of the options to limit in Fornite are:


  • Filter adult language
  • Accept friend requests
  • Visible player names
  • Names of players outside the squad
  • Text chat
  • Weekly reports on playing time




If you want to deactivate it, we will also see how to remove the Fortnite Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S parental controls.


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How to remove Fortnite Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S parental controls


Step 1

The first thing will be with the button of the 3-striped controller to display our Fortnite menu. Here we will enter "Parental Control".






Step 2

Now in this menu we enter the "Parental Control" section.




Step 3

Enter the security PIN configured when activating Parental Control. Click on "Next" or X.




Step 4

Now with the "RB" button we are going to disable parental control. Then confirm the action with "A".




Step 5

We will now see the notice that Parental Control has been disabled




Step 6

If we go back into the Parental Control options we will see that it is disabled.





In this way we can remove parental controls in Fortnite on Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S and thus remove age restrictions..