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Gallery plugins for WordPress: photo galleries for your website

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What functions should a WordPress gallery plugin offer?
Presentation of the four most popular gallery plugins for WordPress
Gallery plugins for WordPress: comparison of the four options provided
NextGEN Gallery
Envira Photo Gallery


Gallery plugins for WordPress: photo galleries for your website

A well-presented photo gallery is an important pillar of many web pages. Sometimes the goal is to make a good business impression, other times the idea is to feature product images that attract attention or put the photos up for sale. If you create a website in WordPress, when it comes to finding a suitable tool, you will find countless gallery plugins for WordPress to choose from: what is the difference between them and what functions are important? We compare the most popular and popular plugins for photo galleries in WordPress ..

  1. What functions should a WordPress gallery plugin offer?
  2. Presentation of the four most popular gallery plugins for WordPress
    1. NextGEN Gallery
    2. Envira Photo Gallery
    3. Modulates
    4. FooGallery
  3. Gallery plugins for WordPress: comparison of the four options provided

What functions should a WordPress gallery plugin offer?

If you are looking for a WordPress photo gallery plugin that suits your needs, you must first be clear about what functions you need, as there are a wide variety of features to choose from and that a good image gallery plugin should provide:

  • Diversity of formats : an image gallery can take many forms. Depending on the design of the web page, some formats or others will be more suitable. Whether in tile, masonry or mosaic look: a WordPress gallery plugin lets you choose from a variety of styles.
  • Lightbox view : thumbnails appear as previews in a WordPress gallery depending on the layout. For your users to have a perspective of your images, clicking on the image should open a lightbox view in an enlarged version.
  • Animations and effects: these elements arouse the interest of users when scrolling through the images.
  • Mobile optimization: for the browser to display the image gallery on all devices in a pleasant and intuitive way, the photo gallery of the plugin should be adapted to mobile screens.
  • Image optimization: having many images in a gallery increases the loading time of the web. Features such as lazy loading and image size optimization reduce loading time.
  • Personalization : a good plugin to create a WordPress gallery allows you to customize the photo gallery quickly and easily, adapting it to your needs. This is how the image gallery is easily incorporated into the design of your website.
  • Image protection : some gallery plugins offer functions that prevent the copying and use of your images by third parties. Whether with a watermark or right-click deactivation, when choosing a plugin , pay attention to whether it contains this function.
  • ECommerce link: with this plugin you can sell images quickly and easily through your website.
  • Editor drag and drop : an intuitive and intelligible function editor with drag and drop offers the easiest way to organize individual images in the WordPress gallery .
  • Links to images : from the perspective of SEO and user experience design, the so-called deep links are important to guide the user towards the image.

Before publishing a photo gallery, you should make sure that you own the copyright, as this is the only way to prevent possible complaints of infringement of the rights of third parties.

Presentation of the four most popular gallery plugins for WordPress

Besides the functions mentioned above, WordPress gallery plugins offer many other features that can be very useful depending on your application case . A general advice before creating a WordPress gallery : compare and test the functions and handling of the plugins beforehand. With the following four plugins we have done it for you, analyzing the four most popular WordPress extensions..

NextGEN Gallery

NextGEN Gallery is one of the most popular gallery plugins for WordPress. / Source: https://en.wordpress.org/plugins/nextgen-gallery/

With more than 800,000 active installations, NextGEN Gallery is one of the most popular WordPress gallery plugins . With its free version, you have the possibility to choose between four gallery styles and two album styles that, thanks to the range of options, you can customize to suit you. The paid versions offer, in addition to additional styles for the gallery, an eCommerce function for photographers, a watermark or hotlink protection for images and many other practical functions. Depending on your needs, you can choose between three plans.

The free version of NextGEN Gallery lets you choose from four gallery styles.
Advantage Disadvantages
? Free version available ? Relatively long charging times
? Variety of different styles for a photo gallery (slideshow, thumbnails, masonry style, etc.) ? Some overhead due to the number of functions
? Treatment for retina screen ? It does not support videos.
? Responsive photo gallery  
? Image classification using drag and drop  
? ECommerce function through which images can be sold  
? In the paid version: variety of functions such as image protection, links to images on certain pages, comment function, links to social networks and much more  
? Lightbox in full screen mode  
? Interface for Lightroom with which to be able to modify images quickly and publish them  

Envira Photo Gallery

Envira Photo Gallery is a lightweight plugin for WordPress galleries. / Source: https://en.wordpress.org/plugins/envira-gallery-lite/

Envira Photo Gallery is a lightweight WordPress gallery plugin that has all the essential features . Even in the free version, the basic gallery template allows you to customize its basic functions. If something more personalized is required, the paid plans offer numerous features..

The Envira Photo Gallery WordPress gallery plugin offers a drag and drop function with which you can easily sort images.
Advantage Disadvantages
? Free version available ? Organizing albums is only possible in the paid version.
? Drag and drop editor  
? Responsive image galleries  
? Supports videos in galleries  
? Lightweight plugin that requires little storage space  
? Woocommerce link  
? Interface for Lightroom to be able to modify images and publish them quickly  
? The paid plans offer more options: icons of sharing in networks, link of images to certain pages and filter function with labels  


With Modula you create a striking photo gallery in WordPress in a few minutes. / Source: https://en.wordpress.org/plugins/modula-best-grid-gallery/

Modula is a very flexible and easy to use WordPress gallery plugin . Thanks to the intuitive editor, with the drag and drop function , you can create attractive image galleries in a few minutes, as well as being able to organize the images in this way. If you select the "Custom Grid" gallery type, the drag and drop editor goes further and allows you to individually determine the dimensions of the framed images. To do this you just have to place the cursor in the corners of the images and drag.

With the gallery plugin for WordPress Modula you can adjust the dimensions of the images in a grid.
Advantage Disadvantages
? Free version available ? Slideshow only available in paid variant
? Intuitive and simple drag and drop editor  
? Individually adjustable image size  
? Supports GIFs and videos in galleries  
? Responsive image galleries  
? In the free version, the network sharing icons are already integrated.  
? Input animations for images  
? Many gallery formats like masonry, grid and lightbox  
? Organization in albums  
? In the Pro version, other practical features are available, such as watermarks, password protected galleries, filters and much more.  


The gallery plugin for WordPress FooGallery offers a free Lite version at WordPress.org. / Source: https://en.wordpress.org/plugins/foogallery/

The plugin Gallery for WordPress FooGallery is not only available as a paid version, but there is also a free version for download from WordPress.org. With six different gallery styles available to the user, the plugin offers many design possibilities with its free version. Starting with the Pro version, the WordPress gallery plugin has three other gallery styles, video integration, lightbox function , filters and other important features.

The free version of the WordPress FooGallery gallery plugin already has six different styles of WordPress gallery.

If you use the Gutenberg editor, you can add image galleries to individual pages or articles using a practical drag and drop module .

Advantage Disadvantages
? Free version available ? Slideshow only available in Pro version
? Intuitive drag and drop editor to organize images  
? Free lightbox view with FooBox Free  
? Video support  
? Responsive photo galleries  
? Wide variety of gallery styles in the free version  
? Filter option for galleries with many photos  
? Scroll (scroll the screen to see more) infinite  
? Organization in albums  

Gallery plugins for WordPress: comparison of the four options provided

With the four WordPress gallery plugins presented here, you can create an attractive image gallery: the differences become apparent only if you look closely . To give you a clear idea of ​​the different tools, we have gathered their characteristics in the following table:

Features NextGEN Gallery Envira Photo Gallery Modulates FooGallery
Different gallery styles Yes Yes Yes Yes
Slide show in the free version Yes No No No
Drag and drop editor for image organization Yes Yes Yes Yes
Adjustable image size on grid No No Yes No
Organization in album Yes Yes No Yes
Animations and Effects Yes Yes Yes Yes
Individual link of images Yes Yes Yes No
Video support No Yes Yes Yes
Image protection (watermark and others) Yes Yes Yes No
Network sharing icons Yes Yes Yes No
Comments for images Yes No No No
ECommerce link Yes Yes No No
Password protected galleries No Yes Yes No
Lightbox plugin Yes Yes Yes Yes
Pro version price Starting at $ 139.00 Starting at $ 99.00 Starting at $ 99.00 Starting at $ 59.00

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