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The Slide Master: How to Create Templates in PowerPoint

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The Slide Master: How to Create Templates in PowerPoint

PowerPoint is the most popular tool for creating presentations. It is very intuitive and easy to use. However, skilled PowerPoint professionals use a number of functions such as shortcuts, macros, or slide masters to create presentations faster and more professionally. The PowerPoint Slide Master is, in particular, a trick that every user should know..

When creating PowerPoint presentations, consistency must be respected . The layout must match on all slides and the position of logos and images should not change. The smallest changes in the placement of recurring design elements have a negative impact on recipients. Of course, headings and fonts should also be used consistently. Performing the design on each slide by hand, gluing the fixed and recurring elements each time, in addition to being a job that requires a lot of time and precision, does not guarantee that the presentation design will be uniform.

The PowerPoint slide master helps you avoid mistakes when positioning objects, ensures presentation consistency, and saves time and effort. By creating a master slide with PowerPoint's slide master, you can use it as a design template for all other slides . The advantage: you only have to design the pattern once, after which you only have to worry about the content of the presentation. Here's how to create a slide master step-by-step and work smart with the popular presentation tool..

  1. Start the PowerPoint Slide Master
  2. Customize the layout of the PowerPoint slide master and layout slides
  3. Use PowerPoint slide master and slide layout for presentation
  4. Edit and customize PowerPoint slide masters
  5. Helpful Tips for Creating and Working with the PowerPoint Slide Master

Start the PowerPoint Slide Master

Let's start by creating a slide master in PowerPoint. For this, go to the tab? View? and click on? Slide Master ?.

Slide Master in PowerPoint 2019

If you started the PowerPoint slide master with one click, this view will automatically open:

Slide Master View in PowerPoint 2019

On the left side, a thumbnail of all possible slide layouts will appear. Remember that the top slide is the master itself. Below you will find the designs of the slides corresponding to this master. This is the main slide, and your design will carry over to all other slides..

Master slide as main slide for PowerPoint 2019

Design slides are linked to the PowerPoint slide master. This means that the structuring of the master slide applies to all of them. However, you will be able to make modifications to the different schemes. All subsequent adjustments made to the slide master, such as inserting images, changing backgrounds or text formats, are automatically transferred to the other slides. However, all the changes you make to the layout slides will only be saved on them and will not be applied to the rest.

Edit layout slides in PowerPoint 2019

Depending on the slides you want to edit, simply left-click on the slide and edit it directly in the large view.

Customize the layout of the PowerPoint slide master and layout slides

Now for the task: select or create the theme for the PowerPoint slide master.

Step 1: Set the main theme on the master slide. You can choose from a variety of colors, fonts, and special effects. You can create it yourself or just use the templates that PowerPoint provides.

Master slide with a user-designed theme for PowerPoint 2019

Step 2 : insert images, logos or symbols on the master slide. These are also automatically transferred to the other slides. You just have to go to the? Insert? and select, for example, the button? Images? if you want to insert a motif from your hard drive or? Icons? if you want to insert a symbol.

Master slide with an icon inserted for PowerPoint 2019

Step 3 : Now you need to edit the individual slide layouts in the Slide Master view. Here you can adjust the layout of the slides according to your needs.

Edit the different slide designs for PowerPoint 2019

Use PowerPoint slide master and slide layout for presentation

After making adjustments in slide view, you can take advantage of PowerPoint's slide master.

First switch to normal view. Click on? View? and select the button on the far left labeled? Normal ?. Now you will go to normal view, and each of the corresponding slides will have your design . Of course, you can change and adapt each element individually on the individual slides. However, changes made in this way only apply to the corresponding slide.

Switch from Slide Master view to Normal view in PowerPoint 2019

Here the title slide will appear first. The design will appear on the right, and on the left you can insert the content as you wish.

Step 1 : using the? Insert? Tab and the button? New slide ?, you can insert your designs.

Insert slide layouts using the? Insert? Tab in PowerPoint 2019

You can also right click on the left field to select "New Slide". This will insert the first slide you designed into the slide master.

Insert with a right click in the PowerPoint 2019 structure field

Step 2 : Right-click on the slide and press? Design? to change the layout of it.

Right click on slide to see layout selection in PowerPoint 2019

Step 3 : In the right field, insert the content, images, motifs, diagrams and other objects that you want on the slide. The layout of the master slide always carries over to all other slides.

Complete the content of the slides in PowerPoint 2019

Edit and customize PowerPoint slide masters

When editing your presentation in normal view, you won't be able to change, edit, or customize the layout of the slide master. To do this, you must go back to the Slide Master view. It is important to update the corresponding slide in normal view. Otherwise, the changes will not be applied.

  • To do this, open the slide of the corresponding design.
  • Click on the? Home? and select? Design? in the section? Slides ?.
  • Select the design you want to update.

You can also create multiple master slides in PowerPoint. This will allow you to apply multiple master slides with their corresponding slide designs to a presentation.

  • You return to the "Slide Master" view.
  • In the section? Edit pattern? select the option? Insert slide master ?.

With this, PowerPoint will insert the second slide master under the first, including the slide design, which you can also edit as described earlier. This way, you can create all the slide masters you want. Remember that you must deselect the function? Save? in the group? Edit Slide Master? before you can edit the second slide master separately.

How to create a second slide master in PowerPoint 2019

If you want to insert the master slides and design slides from the second theme, return to normal view. Click on? Slides? in? New slide ?. The two PowerPoint themes will appear, and you can choose which one you want to include at each point in the presentation.

Work with two or more slide masters in PowerPoint 2019

Helpful Tips for Creating and Working with the PowerPoint Slide Master

Create your own slide master with the corresponding slide layouts before you start working on your presentation itself. This will ensure that all of your slides have the same layout. If you create a slide master, it will automatically be applied to all other slides. To create a master slide in PowerPoint, you can use your own design or choose one of the PowerPoint themes, which can also save you a lot of time. In short, thanks to the PowerPoint slide masters your images, motifs and logos will appear on all the slides of the presentation and you can make presentations with professional standards.