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Create home page in WordPress: step by step instructions

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Step by step: create home page in WordPress
Create a WordPress home page from a static page
Create a dynamic home page


Create home page in WordPress: step by step instructions

The home page, also called the homepage , is often the first point of contact for visitors to a web page. This means that it acts as a representation of it, so it is particularly important for the first impression. We distinguish between static and dynamic home pages..

Most web pages have a static home page . This means that the home page does not change or update automatically. On blogs, however, you will usually find a dynamic home page , which always shows the latest posts . With WordPress blogging, you typically have the option to choose how many posts are displayed and whether they appear complete or only summarized on the home page.

Whether static or dynamic, we tell you how to create a home page in WordPress..

  1. Step by step: create home page in WordPress
    1. Create a WordPress home page from a static page
    2. Create a dynamic home page

Step by step: create home page in WordPress

If you haven't already done so, first create a website in WordPress that you can use as your home page. First, log into your WordPress account. Then go to ? Reading ?, in? Settings? . Now you will see the options on the home page.


Some templates (? Themes?) Have a predefined home page. This already conforms to the design and, in the best case, no changes should be made..

Through the menu option? Settings ?, you get to the option? Reading ?.

Create a WordPress home page from a static page

If you want to set a static home page, select ? Static page (select below)? . To set an existing WordPress page as your home page, you must select the corresponding page from the drop-down menu under? Home page (select below) ?.

On your static home page, you can enter a welcome text or a short presentation about yourself, your company, your product or the service you offer. Thus, your visitors will quickly know what to expect from your website.


Creating a static WordPress page is very easy. This popular CMS makes it easy for you to insert text and images.

In the reading settings, you can specify which WordPress page to use as the home page.

Create your blog page on? Post Page? for your blog posts. When you link your blog in WordPress, your posts will automatically show up on this page.

Create a dynamic home page

To make a dynamic home page , select the option to show the latest posts . In general, this option is already default in WordPress. In this case, the content management system shows the latest posts you have created on your blog on the home page. With this option, you also have the ability to select how many posts your blog page and news feed should show.

A dynamic home page is best suited for blogs , whether private or professional. Visitors will always see the last entry first. This is especially beneficial for regular blog readers, as they can immediately see if new content has been posted on the website.

Click the button? Apply changes? to save the settings . Thus, you have created your home page in WordPress, which will be visible when your web address is entered.


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