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Hide Applications on Huawei P10

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You may want to hide the applications that come standard on your Huawei P10. Or maybe you have downloaded an App that you prefer that people do not know you have. Whatever the reason the Huawei P10 gives the possibility of hiding applications so that neither you nor anyone can see them with the naked eye. Hiding applications is a very simple process. To do so, you only have to:

  • From the center of the screen, make with two fingers the gesture of extending it.
  • The option "Hide applications" will appear.
  • Click on "Add" and add all the Apps you want to disappear from your screen.
  • Likewise, in order to see the Apps that you have hidden, you just have to make the gesture of enlarging the screen (from the center of it and using two fingers) so that the panel of hidden Apps is displayed and you can see them.