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How to insert a comment in Word and modify or delete it

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How to insert a comment in Word and modify or delete it

If you've received a Word document for review and you prefer to comment on it before it is too late in a later meeting, notes are a practical solution. Thanks to the function to insert comments, Word allows you to insert them in the same document, so that you do not have to create a new one to give your opinion and make a proposal to other colleagues. For their part, colleagues have the possibility of responding directly in the document to the comments created, or if necessary, modify and delete them..


If several people edit a Word document with comments, you will always know which user has created that comment thanks to the colored marks and the user names or their abbreviation. In addition, it also indicates when it has been inserted.

We explain how to insert comments in Word and the steps necessary to modify the notes or delete them once they have been read..

  1. Insert comments in Word: step by step tutorial
  2. How to modify inserted comments in Word
  3. How to delete inserted comments in Word

Insert comments in Word: step by step tutorial

The comment function in Word is activated by default , so it can be used at any time to include clarifications for readers in documents. If you discover a questionable concept or passage in the document, you should first mark the word or words in question; otherwise, Word automatically adds the comment at the current cursor position.


Next, go to the? Insert? and click? New comment? on the ribbon:


In the most current versions of Microsoft Word, you can open the? Review? and there click on? New comment ?. Another way to insert comments is by using the [Alt] + [R] key combination to then type? UN ?..

The word processor inserts the comment in the right margin of the document or, rather, an empty box in which you can now compose the note . If you only see a small speech bubble icon, open the box by clicking the left mouse button. Alternatively, in order to see this section of the page again, which in this case is hidden, open the? Review? Tab. and do one of the following:

  1. Click? Show comments ? in the category? Comments?
  2. Deactivate the menu item? Show brands ? in the category? Change control?

When inserting the comment, the line will be marked with a small bubble to indicate its presence to the reader:


How to modify inserted comments in Word

Regardless of who has inserted a comment or whether they have the corresponding permissions in a foreign document, a comment in Word can be modified in different ways:

For example, you can modify the content by clicking the comment box and modifying the text in the usual way.

If, on the contrary, you want to keep the original note and add other information, then you should use the reply function. To do this, right-click on the comment box and then on the menu option? Reply to comment? . In some versions, Word also displays a reply button that does the same thing:


Finally, you can mark the comment inserted in Word as? Done? to record that you have read and considered the note . To do this, first open the menu in the comment box with a right click of the mouse and then select the option? Mark comment as done ?, which will turn the comment gray :


In newer versions, instead of the menu option? Mark comment as done? the equivalent often appears? Solve the thread? and an additional button called? Solve? which fulfills the same function.

How to delete inserted comments in Word

If, for reasons of clarity or due to the state of the document (for example, because it must be delivered to the customer), it is not enough to hide the inserted comments in Word or mark them as ready, these can be deleted at any time . As soon as this action is performed, both the comments and the color mark of the corresponding text passage disappear. To do this, select the comment box with a right click of the mouse and then click on the option? Delete comment ?: