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Print area in Excel: do you know how to define or delete it?

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Print area in Excel: do you know how to define or delete it?

As is known, users can easily perform calculations using Excel. Functions such as the creation of synoptic lists, tables or statistics, the structuring of numbers and values, as well as the administration of this data, facilitate work both in the office and at home. For those cases in which the work carried out is preferred to present on paper and not in digital format, you can also print your tables and diagrams. This does not mean that all spreadsheets have to be printed, individual sections can also be selected. Next, we explain step by step, with the help of screenshots, how to set a print area in Excel..

  1. What is the print area in Excel?
  2. Set the print area in Excel
    1. Set different print areas in Excel
    2. Clear Excel print area
    3. Set up repeating rows and columns
    4. How to scale a print area in Excel for multiple pages

What is the print area in Excel?

The printable area is an area that has been selected from the spreadsheet and is displayed on the paper after printing. Nothing is printed outside the selected limits.

  • The new boards have broken lines that mark the printing area.
  • By default, this area is delimited so that all lines and columns fit on a page printed in DIN-A4 format .
  • In portrait orientation , the Excel print area with standard values ​​spans columns A through G as well as lines 1 through 50. In landscape orientation , on the other hand, it spans columns A through K, as well as lines 1 through 33.

If the content to be printed is within these limits, no extra adjustment is necessary. All values ​​will be displayed on the paper..

Excel print area on an empty worksheet

Set the print area in Excel

In case it is not necessary to print the entire spreadsheet, but a part, then the printing area can be defined.

The fastest and easiest method to adjust the Excel print area is to use the mouse to mark the desired area. A box is generated around this area and the marked cells are highlighted with color. Then open the print menu (? File??? Print?) And click on? Print Selection ?..

In the Excel print menu you can set only a selected area to print.

In the option? Page layout? other methods are available. Here, the print area can be set using the option with the same name. Then, click on? Set print area ?, so that the marked table fields will be the ones to be printed. A preview of the area to be printed according to the entered data is displayed in the print settings.

Set print area in Excel

The print area in Excel can be viewed and adapted using a third method: the page break preview . The button to switch to this view is located to the right of the lower edge of the window. Excel automatically marks here the area of ​​the table that has data. The print area can also be changed manually by moving the frame.

Preview page break in Excel

Set different print areas in Excel

When necessary, Excel also allows you to set multiple print areas, for example columns A through F, but with the exception of column D:

  1. To do this, select the first desired column and add it to the print area using the? Set print area? Function.
  2. Then it is necessary to mark the next column to be printed and return to the function? Print area ?. Here you can add this and other desired columns using? Add to print area ?.

In this case, the CTRL key is a very useful shortcut for setting multiple Excel print areas. Press this key, mark all the required zones for the print area and click? Set print area ?.


When printed on paper, the print areas selected using this method will not be printed together, but on separate sheets.

Clear Excel print area

After the jobs with the printable area are completed, the printable area can be erased. To do this, just below the button? Set print area? the corresponding button? Clear print area? is available. Thanks to our instructions, new print areas can be easily set and printed when required.

Set up repeating rows and columns

If a print area spans several pages there is the possibility to configure the repetition of rows and columns in Excel. This is quite useful if you want the title or designation to display not only on the first page, but on all printed pages . Proceed as follows to repeat these rows and columns in the print:

  1. Click? Page Layout? and then on? Print titles ?.
  2. A new window opens in which you can set the repeat printing area. It also has other tabs to delimit different printing characteristics such as headers or margins among others.
  3. Be that as it may, in the tab? Sheet? it is possible to set the repeating rows at the top and the repeating columns at the left. To do this, simply enter the information in the field? Repeat rows at the top? and? Repeat columns to the left ?. It is also possible to click on the icon next to each option to set the desired values ​​by selecting them in the table.
The repetition of rows and columns is displayed on each of the printed sheets.

How to scale a print area in Excel for multiple pages

Here is another tip to optimize the Excel print area and that helps to work more environmentally, because if the selected print area exceeds the size of the printed sheet, you can take advantage of the scaling option. The size of the content will be modified in such a way that page breaks are eliminated. The scaling option is available in the print settings and the option "Fit sheet to one page" is selected. Do you want to get all the lines or columns on a page now? The corresponding options are also available for this.