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The best alternatives to Facebook Messenger

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The best alternatives to Facebook Messenger

Many users turn to the official Facebook Messenger application as a regular way to chat and share information with their contacts on their mobile. Since Facebook deactivated the messaging function of the mobile app, it seemed that the only option was to install the specific house application for chat. However, what is especially annoying about the application is that it works in the background permanently , consuming not only battery, but also data. To this must be added the alarm created by the data protection policy, since Facebook Messenger has access at all times to private information such as contacts, browsing history, calendar and GPS information..

However, those who want to continue using the social network chat but are not in favor of installing their original application have different alternatives to Facebook Messenger, which are grouped into two categories. On one side are multiprotocol instant messaging applications, which are characterized by bringing together different messaging services on a single platform and, on the other, wrapper applications. ("Wrapper" in Spanish), which are responsible for "wrapping" Facebook content and present it in an application. Below are the best alternatives to Facebook Messenger in these two categories for both iOS and Android devices.

  1. Wrapper applications
    1. Metal for Facebook (available for Android)
    2. Swipe for Facebook (available on Android)
    3. Friendly for Facebook (available for Android and iOS)
  2. Multiprotocol instant messaging applications
    1. Disa (available for Android)
    2. Trillian (Available for Android and iOS)
  3. The best alternatives to Facebook Messenger: final comparison

Wrapper applications

Metal for Facebook (available for Android)

Metal is a small size wrapper (about 3 MB) capable of wrapping the Facebook web page, presenting it in a separate application where the app of the well-known social network is concentrated together with the Messenger client . It stands out for its usability and efficiency, features that help regular Facebook users to adapt to Meta with little effort. The application also draws attention for its wide range of energy saving options , in addition to not displaying advertising . The messaging system is simple and fast, although it has its Achilles heel in the visualization and storage of shared image files since, for example, the received images cannot be enlarged..

In this Metal screenshot we find the Facebook timeline on the left and the Messenger function on the right

Already in the free version, Metal contains all the functions of Facebook, in addition to supporting Twitter. The paid version of this tool, known as Metal Pro, offers only a few additional designs and is intended to help developers.

In summary

Metal is considered a very efficient app capable of grouping the Facebook application, the Facebook Messenger application and even the Twitter application. It also consumes less battery and data, does not use user information and is very intuitive. There is a free version and a paid version, but there is hardly any difference between them. For all these reasons, it can be said that Metal is a more than profitable alternative to Facebook Messenger..

Swipe for Facebook (available on Android)

As long as you are willing to purchase the Pro version for a small price , Swipe is presented as a very attractive alternative to Facebook Messenger. In addition to a wide range of possibilities for saving energy, the application has a message filter and web content, as well as its own PIN code to block access to third parties. It is also distinguished by the wide variety of designs available and, as in Metal, this application brings together Facebook and Facebook Messenger. In fact, Metal and Swipe are very similar , since in both cases the design and handling are based on the official Facebook app. However, it is above all the filters that make Swipe a very attractive app for all those users who do not mind resorting to a paid version.

The free version , however, does not offer filters and in terms of design it is limited to showing the characteristic blue color of Facebook.

Function of Facebook Messenger (left) and Facebook timeline (right) in Swipe
In summary

Above all due to the numerous customization options, Swipe is presented as a true alternative to Facebook Messenger for all those who decide to opt for the paid version. Of course, if you prefer to use a free alternative, Metal is better.

Friendly for Facebook (available for Android and iOS)

Another interesting alternative to Facebook Messenger is the app known as Friendly for Facebook , available for iOS and Android users. Like the other wrappers presented, Friendly combines Facebook and Facebook Messenger, saving much more energy. In the paid version Friendly Plus, available on Android (as an update) and iOS, it is also possible to eliminate unwanted advertising with a practical keyword filter .

Another peculiarity that characterizes this tool is that it can also integrate Instagram . Despite the fact that Friendly looks a lot like Facebook when it comes to design, it has a modern touch capable of satisfying users. A disadvantage compared to the competition lies in the size of the files, since with 18 MB the app can be considered too heavy. Regarding performance, there are not very positive feedbacks in which it is explained, for example, that messages sometimes take a long time to arrive. IOS 11 users tend to emphasize one negative point in particular: long loading times.

The news feed in Friendly on the left and the Facebook Messenger feature on the right
In summary

For iOS users, Friendly can be considered an attractive alternative to Facebook Messenger. While the paid version stands out for offering keyword filters , the free version presents a good opportunity to try some other alternative to the original Facebook app for the first time. However, for Android users who enjoy a greater range of options, Friendly for Facebook can be somewhat limited.

Multiprotocol instant messaging applications

It is very easy to get lost among the large number of existing social networks and instant messaging applications, although one way to avoid this is to resort to multiprotocol instant messaging applications. These are responsible for bringing together different services in one and stand out for their high utility, since they allow the user to uninstall the apps of individual providers, as is the case with Facebook Messenger.

However, it must be borne in mind that not all are advantages. In most cases there are compatibility problems . Since these types of applications have to access the protocols of different services, their updates tend to cause some instability or even be incompatible. In fact, it is suspected that multiprotocol instant messaging applications such as IM + (Android and iOS) stopped supporting Facebook for this reason, and it is that the famous social network is known for blocking the integration of its applications by third parties: applications such as Social Media Vault (Android and iOS) and Puffin for Facebook (Android and iOS) still refer to Facebook Messenger to access messages.

Even so, as long as they work, it is not advisable to underestimate these new and innovative applications, since they offer great comfort to users who use different messaging systems in their day to day. This is why they are presented as a great alternative for those who make use, for example, of Facebook Messenger together with other individual applications.

Disa (available for Android)

Disa is a free messaging client in charge of gathering the messages of two of the most important messaging services, WhatsApp and Facebook, as well as others such as Telegram. Likewise, it can be configured as standard for SMS and MMS thanks to the plugins with which to expand the functions of the application. The Disa interface presents the set of messages received from the different applications, whether from individual contacts or groups, in the form of a timeline. This application also allows combining several conversations from different platforms so that the Facebook and WhatsApp history of the same contact can be concentrated in a single chat room.

Since Disa is a very recent Beta version, the user has to resort to different plugins and configuration assistants in its installation. For example, in order to use WhatsApp it is necessary for the famous app to re-verify the mobile number, after which the well-known messaging software stops working unless a new verification process is started. However, configuring the display of Facebook Messenger messages is very simple, which is why Disa is presented as a good alternative to using this app .

Messenger function (left) and chat timeline (right) in Disa

Disa is a promising tool for the future, as long as it continues to develop and is supported by more plugins. Only with regard to data protection can it be somewhat dubious, since the app synchronizes and centralizes a lot of information, in addition to having access to most of the user's mobile data record.

In summary

Disa is a multiprotocol instant messaging application that is characterized by being in constant development. The possibility of combining Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp is especially attractive.

Trillian (Available for Android and iOS)

Trillian, available for iOS and Android, is a classic in multiprotocol instant messaging applications that allows you to manage Facebook, ICQ, Google Talk, Yahoo, AIM and MSN accounts, compressing all platforms in a chat history. In addition, it has a minimalist design, is fast and takes up little space. The only drawback is that the user has to register in the app in order to use it .

Messenger function (left) and chat timeline (right) in Trillian

Its minimalist character not only affects the design. In Trillian it is only possible to attach images and you have to give up emoticons, GIFs and other chat elements. However, the application allows you to record voice messages hosted on the servers themselves.

While in the free version the app shows advertising, in the Pro version, somewhat more expensive than the paid products of the competition, it is deactivated. Another advantage of this application resides in the possibility of synchronizing its use on different devices as well as the storage of online history.

In summary

If you are looking for a reliable, easy-to-use app that has years of development, this is an unparalleled alternative. As for the disadvantages, the app lacks certain elements to chat (for example, emoticons) and requires the user to register. However, Trillian is worth it for all those users who make use of the compatible applications, at least while Disa is developed, as WhatsApp is still not included in Trillian.

The best alternatives to Facebook Messenger: final comparison

App wrapper







Fast, efficient, without advertising

Reduce battery and data consumption

Energy saving options

Difficulties may arise when sharing content


Paid Pro version



Fast and efficient

Reduce battery and data consumption

Pro version: power development options, message filter, ad filter, more layouts

The free version has a lot less features

Includes advertising

Some performance issues


Paid Pro version


Android, iOS

Fast and efficient

Decrease data and battery consumption

Compatible with different accounts

Own password

Pro version: block unwanted Facebook content with keyword filter

18 MB size

Ad-free in the Pro version

Some performance issues, especially on iOS 11


Paid Pro version

Multiprotocol instant messaging app







Fast and efficient, no ads

Compatible with Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and SMS / MMS

Bring together conversations and contacts from different platforms

Complex setup

Compared to wrapper apps it consumes more data and battery


Few plugins




Android and iOS

Compatible with Facebook, ICQ, Google Talk, Yahoo, AIM and MSN

Voice messages

Synchronize chats on different devices

Pro version without advertising

Requires registration

Few chat elements

The Pro version is more expensive in comparison

Pro version without advertising

Stores online chat history


Paid Pro version


If what you are looking for is, instead of an alternative to Facebook Messenger, another option that replaces the complete social network, the Digital Guide includes some interesting recommendations.