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How to record the screen on a  Samsung Galaxy A60

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How to make the recording of your Samsung Galaxy A60?

We will explain how it works and how useful the "Game Launcher" app can be for recording your games or the operation of any application.

  • If you have a Samsung A60, open the app without further ado.
  • If you have a Samsung S5 or S6, install the app and then open it.
  • If you have not activated the Game Mode you will have to follow the following steps:
    • Go to the applications menu> Settings> Advanced Functions.
    • Select Games
    • Now the Game Launcher option.
    • Activate the function in the switch on the right.
    • Press Start and, now, open the application.
  • If you can not find the game or application you want to burn, press add applications and look for the one you want.
  • It is possible that Game Launcher detects that the application you have selected is not a game or does not consider it as such. If this happens:
    • Press and hold the app or game until a pop-up menu appears.
    • When the menu appears click Categorize as Game, in this way, the application will allow you to open the application as a game and save everything you do on your screen.
  • Once this is done, if you open the application from the launcher, you will see that a small red floating button appears, usually in the bottom left of the screen, which is what will allow you to record the game.
  • If you press the button, in addition to silence alerts while you play, or take captures, you will have a button to start recording.
  • You can move the floating button to any part of the screen so that it does not bother you and, when you want to stop recording, you will have to reopen the menu and press STOP.
  • The recording will be stored in a folder with the name of the game or app, which will allow you to keep the recordings organized in a simple way.