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Website for an installation, maintenance and renovation service

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A website offers many advantages to an installation service
Coronavirus: your reform website is even more important in times of crisis
What type of website and provider is right for you?
Installer Websites: What Should They Include?
How to create a home improvement website step by step
Company's presentation
Blog and social networks
Contact the worker
Legal information
Choose a domain
Define the layout
Write the content
Publish, publicize and optimize


Website for an installation, maintenance and renovation service

Today, many businesses still do not have a professional website . A home improvement or installation service business that does not have a website will undoubtedly lose potential customers and potential sales. The energy that comes with phone or personal contact can be channeled and used much more efficiently if customers already know more or less about the business from your website..

Nowadays it is quite simple to create a website for renovation businesses. With a few clicks, you can create such a web page at a reasonable price. Our guide will give you the necessary knowledge, including step-by-step instructions, to stand out in the local industry.


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  1. A website offers many advantages to an installation service
  2. Coronavirus: your reform website is even more important in times of crisis
  3. What type of website and provider is right for you?
  4. Installer Websites: What Should They Include?
    1. Homepage
    2. Company's presentation
    3. Services
    4. References
    5. Blog and social networks
    6. Contact the worker
    7. Legal information
  5. How to create a home improvement website step by step
    1. Choose a domain
    2. Define the layout
    3. Write the content
    4. Publish, publicize and optimize

A website offers many advantages to an installation service

Until recently, the radius of action of a renovation company was limited, and new clients were reached through phone calls, contacts and recommendations. With a web page, you can kill several birds with one stone:

  • You will have a visiting card not only local, but visible worldwide.
  • You will be easily found on the Internet.
  • Your website will be like a company brochure , it can be read anywhere and you will decide its content.
  • A renovation website is comparable to a platform for the sale of your services. Your potential clients will know in detail what they can expect from you.

So why wait? Let's do it!

Covid-19: how to continue your activity

IONOS supports restaurant owners, retailers and SMEs to make the leap to digitization or find the solution that best suits their business. Expand your reach to maintain and strengthen your online business..

Coronavirus: your reform website is even more important in times of crisis

Due to COVID-19 and social contact restrictions, many businesses have moved from office to home in no time. This is not an option for renovation workers. During the pandemic, you and your workers have to continue working in person as usual, although now respecting certain measures: use of a mask, social distance, ventilation, etc. Use your website to inform your customers about how to deal with the coronavirus crisis. Not only will this make your job easier, but it will also convey confidence.

Take a look at our information page, where we collect some tips to help you through this very uncertain time. At IONOS we want to help you maintain a successful business..

What type of website and provider is right for you?

From a technical point of view, creating a renovation website is very simple. There are many basic tools for this such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript or PHP. Each tool has its advantages, but there are also some points that should be taken into account and that can influence your website.

A website builder like IONOS's MyWebsite will provide you with a basic layout that can usually be adapted in a few clicks to your industry requirements, although layout development is limited. Some packages already include photos that will fit well with your business.

A content management system (CMS) like WordPress is very easy to set up, especially for beginners. In this case, it is only necessary to have basic knowledge about what a database is and how to communicate with the server. Also, the main advantage of a CMS is that employees can perform maintenance on the finished website.


To get the most out of your website with a content management system, we recommend IONOS WordPress hosting.

The own programming of your renovation web page will allow you to develop your ideas to the maximum, but it will also require a greater effort. In most cases, the worker himself is not able to carry out this task.

Therefore, hiring a web designer or a programmer will save you headaches, although obviously that requires a greater outlay. In fact, this is the most expensive option of all that we present to you.

  Website Builder CMS Own programming Web design service
Advantage Many ideas available, easy to carry out, without the need for prior knowledge Easy content maintenance with knowledge of office automation, freedom in design Maximum freedom in design Everything at your fingertips, without investment of your own time, SEO implementation
Disadvantages Limited to provided templates Requires knowledge of databases, themes and plugins, requires more time than a modular system Requires a lot of basic knowledge, prone to errors Design limitations
Prices Depending on the size of the project, from 100 to 300? yearly Around 200? per year for unlimited WordPress hosting From 0 ? if you program yourself up to very high supplier costs Around 1000? per year, depending on the project
Difficulty Very low Half Very high Very low

If you want to get started on your own, take a look at our CMS comparison and our guide to creating a page with WordPress.

Installer Websites: What Should They Include?

The top priority in getting customers is trust . All the content of your website should be based on it. Regarding content, it is important to take into account the following sections, very common today on the Internet:

  • Homepage
  • Company's presentation
  • Services offered
  • Completed projects and references
  • Blog and social networks
  • Contact information
  • Legal information


A welcome message on the home page will give a good first impression of the company to the visitor. It should be kept neat and be a good summary of the site. For those interested, just a glance should be enough to know what the renovation company is about.

In many professions there is an emergency service or 24-hour service, for example, in health services or in the case of locksmiths, electricians or glaziers. This type of important information should be included on the home page, so that those in an emergency who need help do not have to search for long. An additional button with the phone number allows you to call the company directly from mobile devices through the home page.

Company's presentation

On this page, we will tell the history of the company. Many renovation companies have a long tradition or were founded to fill a gap in the regional market by offering something completely new. It is important to tell this story in a short, concise and credible way. If you want to add advertising statements, avoid exaggerations such as "Only with us you will get", as they can be counterproductive.

Introduce yourself and your employees, preferably with photos . When the client can put a face to those who are going to provide the service he needs, he usually has less hesitation in requesting it more quickly.


Photos of employees are considered personal data. As a general rule, the consent of the employees is required to publish them on the Internet.

On the page? About us? You can also list the qualifications, certificates or awards of associations to further optimize the image of your renovation company. In fact, some certificates are required in some industries.


This page will include a detailed presentation of all the services you offer. Present the necessary technical explanations in a way that is understandable to non-experts.

Some industries have online planning tools and cost calculators to give users an approximate cost for some services, such as a bathroom renovation. This help is very important to encourage the visitor to make a decision.


This word that we are so used to hearing reinforces our competence and credibility if we show the projects that we have executed successfully . In this section, satisfied customers can present their opinion, and adding photos will provide a good visual impression. Make sure you have the consent of the owners of the photos or the people photographed.

Blog and social networks

Creating a blog can make sense depending on your intentions and profession. If you like to tell stories, an online diary is useful for a renovation website, since with it you can show your passion for your work. But we repeat: don't overdo it. A blog with very old posts does not usually make a good impression either.

The same happens with social networks . Add links to your Facebook, Instagram and Google accounts, and keep them updated. When integrating these profiles, pay attention to data protection. When you link your networks, no data should be transferred to third parties without their consent.

Contact the worker

The contact form is an indispensable part of the renovation website. With it, customers can communicate directly with you. If you offer multiple services, include a drop-down list. Put your phone number on the contact page, ideally with a button that calls to action, such as? Call now !? The postal address should not be missing either, among other things because with it customers will know exactly where to find you. And don't forget: obtain their consent to the data processing according to the GDPR before the customer submits the contact form.

Legal information

The legal notice and the privacy policy are mandatory elements on any commercial website, and of course also on a renovation website. This will avoid legal problems. There are several online tools to generate these legal texts, but it is better to go to a specialized cabinet. You and your web provider must be attentive to this section of your website. There are sectors in which it is mandatory to refer to specific authorities. Likewise, it is crucial to include a visible statement about the cookie policy .

How to create a home improvement website step by step

We show you the steps you must follow to create your renovation services website. Follow the next steps:

  • Choose a domain
  • Define the layout
  • Write the content
  • Publish your website
  • Optimize it and make it known

Choose a domain

The first step is to choose an appropriate domain name. The domain is the Internet address of your renovation services website. A carpenter with a domain such as antonio-martin.es will surely not be recognized as a carpenter. Add some information about your activity, your qualifications or your products and / or services to your domain name, such as, for example, furniture-antonio-martin.es and this will make it clear what your business is about.


Find an available Internet address with the free IONOS Domain Checker tool.

Nor should we underestimate regional references such as furniture-antonio-martin-burgos.es . The domain name is an important location criteria in search engines.

With IONOS you can register the desired domain with just a few clicks. Almost all fees include at least one domain.

Check Domain
  • .it is
  • .com
  • .info
  • .net

Define the layout

To design the website of your business, what matters is your personal taste . After all, you are the first to be satisfied with the website and feel represented. We have collected some types of design in different guides, such as one page design, user-centered design, and human-centered design.

A basic tip is? less is more ? Don't overload your page, neither with content nor visually. Simplicity often brings seriousness. Get inspired, for example, by the IONOS renovation service page templates, or use our MyWebsite Design Service. Also, regardless of how you create your renovation services page, always keep in mind that the reproduction of the site on mobile devices must be optimal.

With a wide variety of ready-made or empty templates to fill in with your own ideas, IONOS offers you a wide portfolio to build the renovation services website according to your needs / source: https://www.ionos.es/pagina- web / templates

Write the content

Once you have finalized the technical issues of your website, you will have to get to the content. Do it just as you originally planned. Start with the home page and continue with the subpages, add text and images , and if necessary also videos or audio files . If you do not have photographic or video material, there are several providers to get it, although they may involve an additional cost. Analyze if your photos can arouse interest among your potential clients. Use traditional tools to give your business a voice, such as samples of completed projects or opinions from satisfied customers.

In order to present content in a systematic way , many CMS allow you to designate main pages under which thematic subpages will be displayed in summary form. In some cases numbers can also be assigned, which makes searching easier if you want to make a specific change in the future.


The comprehensive documentation facilitates the work of all participants in the project website. If a person responsible for the website fails, you will not be left empty-handed. Keep the access data for the website under extreme security .

Publish, publicize and optimize

After publishing the web, the next step is optimization . The website of your home improvement business should be constantly updated. In addition, it is important to publicize the page. To do this, the web address must appear on your business cards, company posters, and even on your work uniform. It can also help a lot to put an ad in a friend business. To make yourself known regionally, the presence in regional directories is very useful. To this end, IONOS has developed the Business Locator tool, with which your renovation website will appear in 35 directories.

When you post new images or add links, keep in mind alt texts and tags in the title. Include important keywords in your industry. The Local SEO guide offers tips to get you recognized regionally .


To detect the weak points of your renovation website, there is the rankingCoach tool. It shows the optimization potential of your website and offers you help at a reasonable price.