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WordPress plugins to create backups

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WordPress plugins to create backups

In the same way as seat belts and airbags, a backup is nothing more than a precautionary measure and it is only in emergency situations that its importance becomes evident. Security, whether personal or IT, should not be neglected at any time. Whoever manages a web project in WordPress knows the volume of work behind it and the consequences of a data loss. This is reason enough to prepare for any sudden attack or failure . Here's how to create backups for WordPress, as well as the best plugins to do so..

Solutions to create backups in WordPress

As a content manager, WordPress does not offer any solution for creating backups. The function? Export? it only stores parts of the database and important files, sometimes forgotten, such as themes, plugins or the base structure of WordPress. Although most hosting providers have an additional feature to create backups for WordPress, this is often problematic if multiple web pages are running within the same account. In this way, in a remote case of damage or loss of information, not only the files and the database of a project will be affected, but of all. Furthermore, it is common for the user not to have control over such backups.

On the contrary, if you decide to take care of the creation and management of the backup copies of your project in WordPress, you will have control in case of emergency, without having to depend on your web hosting provider. To create backups manually you will need FTP access, as well as a database management system such as phpMyAdmin. Remember that it is a process that demands advanced knowledge and that, for dynamic web pages, it certainly involves a high investment of money and time. This is why there are WordPress plugins, which offer more functions and are specially designed to create backup copies automatically..


The best WordPress plugins for the security of your data

There are a large number of WordPress extensions that allow you to secure important files and sensitive information. These plugins differ in their complexity and ease of use, as well as their backup capabilities.


The VaultPress plugin allows you to link a WordPress project with the eponymous cloud backup service from web developer Automattic. VaultPress has an intuitive control panel where all the backups created are automatically displayed. Information retrieval is done with just one click and, in addition, it is possible to choose the content when creating the backup (database, themes, plugins, uploaded files). Some of its additional features are: the possibility of downloading the backup copies, the optional analysis of security aspects, statistics about your website and antispam protection. VaultPress is a paid service, so in order to use this service you will need a license per project. The two types of rates are:



Daily backups

Real-time backups

Auto recovery

Auto recovery

Access to copies of the last 30 days

Access to all backups

Safekeeper support

Safekeeper support

Conclusion : VaultPress is a plugin for WordPress that makes it easy to create backups. However, a license is only valid for one web page, which can be very expensive for multi-site projects. Something that is also problematic is that all backup copies are stored on servers located in the United States ..


The free BackWPup plugin for WordPress adds an additional point in the WordPress backend with which it is possible to configure and have the backup creation process in one place. Optionally, you can receive a report by email about the processes of creating scheduled backups. In addition to allowing the storage of backups in a specific directory on the server, BackWPup also allows you to save backups in:

  • An FTP server (requires FTP access)
  • Dropbox (requires cURL)
  • S3 services like Amazon (requires min. PHP 5.3.3 and cURL)
  • Microsoft Azure (requires min. PHP 5.3.3 and cURL)
  • RackSpadeCloud (requires min. PHP 5.3.3 and cURL)
  • SugarSync (requires cURL)

In addition to the free basic version, there is the paid version BackWPup Pro. It updates automatically, allows access to Premium Support, creates incremental backups, and can store backups on Google Drive and Amazon Glacier.

Conclusion : BackWPup is an easy to install and use plugin for WordPress that allows different backup export options. The basic version is free and if you want to use advanced functions you must purchase one of the paid licenses. However, both packs lack an option to restore the information saved in the backup copies and to do so it is necessary to install additional software or plug-in.


UpdraftPlus is one of the top rated WordPress plugins, and not by chance. This plugin extends your own WordPress installation with premium security and reset features. It allows, for example, to schedule backups manually or automatically daily, every week, every fortnight or monthly, as well as every four, eight or twelve hours. In addition, this extension also generates automatic backups when updating WordPress, other plugins or other interface themes. With this tool it is possible to choose those components that you want to take into account both in terms of creating backup copies and in terms of their restoration (plugins, themes, content, etc.). This plugin is also characterized by: 

  • Very large backups can be divided into different files
  • One-click restore
  • Support for storage environments such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Rackspace Cloud Files, FTP, or UpdraftVault

UpdraftPlus Premium supports additional storage platforms such as Microsoft OneDrive and WebDAV and enables encryption of backups .

Conclusion : The free version of UpdraftPlus provides the necessary tools to secure all types of WordPress projects, either locally or in the cloud. With a single step, you can create backups and restore information from the database or web page. The Premium version even supports the migration of the page to another web space. Due to the complexity and not so intuitive interface, as it is such a powerful plugin, UpdraftPlus is not the most appropriate for beginners or users without advanced knowledge.