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Share the Google calendar: a practical function available to everyone

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Share the calendar in Gmail
How can I make my Google calendar public?


Share the Google calendar: a practical function available to everyone

Google Calendar is a tool included in the Google account that is available to anyone who logs into the platform. Since all the account data is saved online, you can access your calendar from anywhere. This guarantees you complete control of appointments or events without depending on any physical connection ..

In addition to the normal functions in a digital calendar, Google also offers the possibility of sharing it, which allows you to create a family or work calendar that can be accessed by registered members. Apart from this, custom access permissions can also be granted . Depending on the authorization received, members will only be able to read the calendar or also edit it. Given editing permissions, members can include their own appointments and modify existing events.

  1. Share the calendar in Gmail
  2. How can I make my Google calendar public?

Share the calendar in Gmail

Step 1. Open Google Calendar

Open the little box from the Google menu and select the calendar.

Step 2. Select the calendar you want to share in? My calendars? (My calendars)..

In the left margin of the main calendar, you will find a list with all your calendars (My calendars). To share one of them, click on the three dots on the right and select Set up and share.

Step 3. Open Calendar settings.

A new page will open with the calendar settings. On the left, select Share with specific people.

Step 4. Share the calendar in Gmail by email

To share the Google calendar, click Add people in the Share with certain people menu, and enter the email address of the person you want.

Step 5. Grant access permissions..

Through the drop-down menu? Access permissions ?, you also have the possibility of granting each person a type of permission , with which you can grant certain people read-only permissions or the ability to add and delete appointments.

Clicking Permissions will open a drop-down menu where you can grant members read or edit permissions.

Step 6. Share and close.

When you've entered the people's email address and selected their permissions, click? Submit? to close. You will also have the possibility to add more people and continue sharing the calendar in this way. When you send the message, the right people will receive a notification via email.

By clicking Send, an email will be sent to the indicated people. From that moment on, the access and editing permissions of the calendar are granted.

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How can I make my Google calendar public?

In the office, it can be helpful to have a publicly accessible calendar. If you want to organize a vacation calendar with your co-workers, it will be much easier to create a new calendar and make it public than to invite each of the members and grant them permissions one by one.

Step 1 . Create a new calendar

Click the plus sign next to Other calendars, then click Create a calendar.

Step 2. Set up the calendar.

Provide a name and description for the calendar you want to share with your colleagues and choose a time zone. Then click Create calendar.

Step 3. Create a link to share it.

Click Create Share Link. At that time, you will be shown a link that you can send to your colleagues and through which they can access the calendar at all times.

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