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Import contacts to Gmail: step by step guide

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Import contacts to Gmail: summary of the most important steps
Import contacts to Google: Step-by-step instructions (web version)
How to import contacts to Gmail with a mobile device (Android app)


Import contacts to Gmail: step by step guide

When using an email program, maintaining your address book is one of the most important tasks. If all contact details are stored and available, sending private or work messages is a mere formality. In addition to the ability to add contacts manually , most email applications therefore have a contact import function that allows the addresses of the email application or other email clients to be integrated into a CSV document in a matter of seconds ..

In the case of Gmail ? Google's mail application ?, it is also possible to expand the address database in this way. However, the function of importing contacts in Gmail is available since 2018 only through the contact management tool Google Contacts . Here we show you how to use this feature.

  1. Import contacts to Gmail: summary of the most important steps
  2. Import contacts to Google: Step-by-step instructions (web version)
  3. How to import contacts to Gmail with a mobile device (Android app)

Import contacts to Gmail: summary of the most important steps

The management of contacts in Google services such as Gmail and G Suite has been regulated for years through the Contacts program. After being integrated into Gmail for a long time, the app is now only available as a standalone service. But since all contact details entered into Google Contacts are automatically shared with the entire Google account, and thus also with Gmail, separation is no problem for importing contacts to Google. Instead of in Gmail, the import is carried out simply in the Contacts application , where the steps to be taken can be summarized as follows:

  1. Sign in with your Google account.
  2. Press the button ? Google Applications ?, which is in the upper right, next to the small profile image of your account.
  3. Click on the application icon? Contacts ?
  4. In the menu on the left, click the button? Import ?
  5. Click? Select file ? and indicates the location of the CSV file or vCard file with the contact data that you want to import into Google Contacts or Gmail.
  6. As soon as you have selected a file, the "Import" button is activated, which you finally have to press to import the new Gmail contacts.

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Import contacts to Google: Step-by-step instructions (web version)

The reasons for importing contacts into Gmail can be very diverse. On the one hand, the import offers the simple possibility of integrating existing CSV lists with contact details ? For example, from customer databases? in the Google email client. On the other hand, the function is also useful when you want to transfer the address book from another email program to Gmail. Thanks to the possibility of importing, it is no longer necessary to re-enter contacts one by one.

Lastly, the feature is also used to backup Google contacts. However, the reason why you have decided to import data into Google Contacts is not relevant to the process that we will describe in detail below..

In the first step, you have to log in with the Google account whose Gmail address book will receive the entries you want to import. To do this, open the Google login page and log in with your personal registration data:

Dialog window for Google account login

In the main menu or overview of your account, click the button? Google apps ? and select? Contacts ?:

The function? Contacts? in the menu? Start? in your own Google account

Once you have accessed Google Contacts, in the next step click on the button? Import ? that appears in the menu on the left side of the contact management software. In the pop-up window, click? Select file ?:

Dialog? Import? in Google? Contacts?

Then indicate the location of the file with the contact information, which will be in CSV or vCard (.vcf) format. While the former is the typical format for contact data from database management systems or email clients such as Outlook, the latter is mostly found as an output format in Apple programs. Since it is irrelevant to which of the two types the contact data file belongs to import contacts into Gmail, you don't need to do any other preparations. Just left click on the dataset (as soon as you have found it in the explorer) and finally click? Import ?:

Dialog? Import Contacts? in? Contacts? of Google

Once the contacts have been imported into Gmail, the corresponding notification will appear at the bottom of the screen that the operation has been carried out successfully.

How to import contacts to Gmail with a mobile device (Android app)

If you use Gmail on your smartphone or tablet, you also have the possibility of integrating contact information following the instructions above through the Google Contacts version for the browser. However, if you install the Google Contacts application on your device, you will enjoy a more comfortable alternative, since the application has an integrated function to import contacts . You can use it in the following way:

  1. Upload and install Google Contacts through the Google Play Store , as long as you don't have the application already installed on your device.
  2. Log in to the application with your personal Google account or with the Google account you want to import the contacts into.
  3. Click on the hamburger-shaped menu icon (three horizontal lines) to open the main menu of the application.
  4. Click on the menu item? Settings ?
  5. Scroll to the section? Manage contacts? and click on? Import ?
  6. Select whether you want to import the contacts from a vCard file ( .vcf ) or from one of the SIM cards used? In the Contacts application there are no other options available, such as CSV.
  7. Finally, indicate the location where the file is located or select the contacts from the SIM card and immediately start the import process.

If you want to import contacts from Gmail, it is not relevant if you do it from the application or from the browser application. The new data is automatically synchronized , so that it is not only available in all versions of Gmail , but also in any other Google service that has Google contacts integration.