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Windows 7: change password step by step

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When to change the password in Windows 7?
How to change Windows 7 password step by step


Windows 7: change password step by step

Experts recommend changing passwords regularly even on our own computer. The operating system password is especially important. Although the biggest threats to data security come from the internet, sensitive data can also easily be stolen manually. As a result, other passwords, access data, photos and private documents can fall into the hands of third parties..

Find out how to change your Windows 7 password to protect your operating system optimally.

  1. When to change the password in Windows 7?
  2. How to change Windows 7 password step by step

When to change the password in Windows 7?

It is recommended to change the password of the computer at least once every three to six months . Also, it is a good idea to change your password immediately after accessing an unsecured public Wi-Fi network . On the other hand, it is also advisable to change your Windows 7 password if the media reports a new massive data theft..


Microsoft stopped giving official support for Windows 7 on January 14, 2020. That is, since that date, technical assistance or security updates are no longer offered for this product. Exceptionally, paid professional technical support is still offered to companies until 2023. If you are not going to request this service, we recommend that you upgrade to the new version of Windows . You will find more information on this in our detailed article on the end of support for Windows 7.

Creating a strong password can be difficult. In general, an optimal character combination will be made up of numbers, special characters, and upper and lower case letters. Always try to generate strong passwords and not use them on multiple pages or computers. Using a password manager can help you protect your passwords in the long run..


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How to change Windows 7 password step by step

First, open the start menu and, from there, the control panel, on the right menu bar.

First step: open the start menu and click on the control panel

Once the control panel window is open, select the option? User accounts and child protection ?.

Second step: in the control panel, select? User Accounts and Family Safety?

In this menu you will find the option? User accounts? and, once there, the button you need:? Change Windows password ?. Select it with one click.

Third step: in the tab? User accounts ?, select the entry? Change Windows password?

Windows 7 presents a general summary of the user profile below. Here you can change the account name, password and image. Click on the first point,? Change the password ?

Step four: select the section? Change password?

In the next dialog box, you can reset your Windows 7 password. To ensure that you have the permissions to do this, the operating system will ask you to enter the current password . In addition, at this time you can write a password hint that will optionally be visible when it is entered again. By clicking the? Change password ?, the password will be saved, which will become active directly in Windows 7.

Fifth step: enter the current password and the new one and click on? Change password?