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Changing your password in Gmail is that easy

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What are the characteristics of a good password?
How to change password in Gmail step by step
Reset Gmail password


Changing your password in Gmail is that easy

With the number of passwords, user names, and PIN codes that Internet users must remember today, it is normal for some login details to be forgotten. For security reasons, using the same password for all accounts is not recommended. Quite the contrary: passwords should be changed regularly and must comply with certain security standards. Only in this way can you have accounts sufficiently protected against hacker attacks. Here we explain how to change your password in Gmail to increase the security of your account, and how to reset your Gmail password in case you have forgotten it..

  1. What are the characteristics of a good password?
  2. How to change password in Gmail step by step
  3. Reset Gmail password

What are the characteristics of a good password?

A password should protect your sensitive data against unauthorized access. The simplest combinations are not an obstacle for hackers and for a long time there have been programs that in a matter of seconds crack this type of passwords. One of the most popular methods is the dictionary attack . To do this, the program generates combinations of characters in the shortest time possible until the correct password is found.


A strong password should consist of a minimum of eight characters and special characters chosen at random. In order not to forget a password of this type, you can use digital help in the form of password managers. With one of these tools we have the possibility to store and manage passwords and secret codes in an encrypted way..

How to change password in Gmail step by step

Changing your Gmail password is not complicated. Google walks the user through the process step by step.

Step 1: Open your Gmail inbox

Open the Gmail account in the usual way. To do this, log in with your username and password.

Step 2: Switch to Google account

Click on the Google applications symbol that appears in the upper right, next to the personal account icon and open your account here.

Step 3: Open the "Security" option..

In your account you have the possibility to make numerous adjustments in categories organized by theme. Click on the "Security" category. In the section "Sign in to Google" you will see the possibility to select "Password".

Step 4: Select a new password.

Google automatically directs you to a screen where you can enter a new password for your Google account. This password is also valid for your Gmail account. Enter the new password you want on the screen.

Reset Gmail password

Assigning a new password is very simple. But what if you've completely forgotten your password and can't even log in? Then you will need to reset your Gmail password. This is also very easy for Google users. To do this you have to proceed as follows:

Step 1: Sign in to Google

At the Google login, click on "Forgot your password?". Google will then guide you through an account recovery process.

Step 2: Select the reset method and assign a new password

Google asks you for your last known password. Enter it and confirm by clicking "Next".

Step 3 : Verify access

So that third parties cannot change your password, Google needs to verify your identity.

After you've entered the last known password, Google asks you to confirm the password reset. This confirmation is carried out by means of the reset device indicated in the Google account. In most cases it is the smartphone. A display automatically appears on your smartphone screen, with which you must confirm by clicking on "Yes" that you want to reset the password on your computer.

You can also select other verification options. For example, receive by SMS or call a code from Google that you must then enter on the computer.

Step 4: Assign a new password

After confirmation via smartphone you can assign a new password on the computer.

By confirming to Google through your smartphone, you will access a screen where you can enter a new password . Confirm the new password by clicking "Continue". You are now logged into Gmail.

With Google you have various individual and self-explanatory possibilities to change, reset and enter new passwords. Generally, Google guides you through the process with simple prompts.