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How to disable Windows Defender

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Why do you need Windows Defender?
How to disable Windows Defender?

How to disable Windows Defender

Windows Defender is pre-installed and activated by default on all new devices that come with the Windows 10 operating system. It is Microsoft's antivirus program and is also known as Windows Security in the latest versions of Windows 10. In independent testing of programs antivirus, the score obtained by Windows Defender has been surprisingly high and has been able to keep up with competitors such as Avira, McAfee or Kaspersky..

However, not all users are delighted with Microsoft's free antivirus program. If in recent years, you have used the products of other providers To protect yourself from malware and viruses, you may also want to use them on your new Windows 10 device. However, before installing other software to protect yourself from viruses, Trojans, and malware , you will need to disable Windows Defender.

  1. Why do you need Windows Defender?
  2. How to disable Windows Defender?

Why do you need Windows Defender?

Windows Defender is Microsoft's default antivirus and is available for all versions of the operating system, from Windows Vista to Windows 7 and 10. In the current version of Windows 10, the security shield is pre-installed and can be set to? Windows Security ?.

Windows Security or Windows Defender offers users reliable protection against viruses, Trojans, malware , adware , ransomware , rootkits , phishing and other attacks from the Internet . Windows Defender uses real-time protection, automatically downloads daily updates based on threat levels, offers safe startup options, and allows users to configure watched folders. Users can also create custom settings to protect their children from adult content on the web..


In this tutorial we tell you how to disable Windows Defender in Windows 10. Older operating systems may use different menu structures, but the system is similar.

How to disable Windows Defender?

If you prefer to use an antivirus program other than Windows Defender, you must deactivate Windows Defender, which is activated automatically in Windows 10. However, you should not deactivate Windows Defender if you do not have any other antivirus software because without active antivirus protection you run great security risks .

It is also not recommended to run multiple antivirus programs in parallel. Many security programs are incompatible with each other and, when used simultaneously, interfere with each other in their respective protection functions . Thus, if you want to upgrade to a third-party product, first disable all Windows Defender features as follows:

  1. Open the Windows Security Center by following this procedure:
    click on the Windows logo, click on the computer icon, click on the? Update & Security? Section, select? Windows Security? in the tab on the left. Open Windows Defender.
  2. In the main menu of? Windows Security ?, select? Virus and threat protection ?. In this section under? Antivirus and anti-threat settings ?, click? Manage settings ?.
In the antivirus and threats security center you will find the option? Manage settings ?.
  1. Disable options? Real-time protection ?,? Cloud-based protection ?,? Automatic submission of examples ? Y ? Protection against tampering ? by clicking on the respective buttons. The security features will be disabled and your PC unprotected.
Windows Defender displays a security warning as soon as security features are disabled.
  1. After disabling Windows Defender virus and threat protection, you must also disable the firewall. For this, select the menu item? Firewall and network protection? in the left tab of Windows Security.
The menu option? Firewall and network protection? Windows Defender provides information about the protection status of the firewall.
  1. Click? Advanced settings ? Windows Defender Firewall Advanced Settings will appear in a separate window. After right-clicking the menu option? Windows Defender Firewall? In the main menu on the left, select the option? Properties ?.
The Windows Defender firewall can be disabled via the "Properties" selection option.
  1. In the first tab of the properties,? Domain profile? , you can see the firewall status in the upper area? Status ?. This should still be "On (recommended)". Click the Firewall Status drop-down list and select Disable. Click? Apply? at the bottom right of the window. From now on Windows Defender Firewall is disabled. Since your PC has been unprotected, you should start installing and configuring your new antivirus program immediately.
If the firewall status is "Disabled", the security function is disabled.