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WhatsApp tutorial: delete an account

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What to consider before deleting the WhatsApp account
What happens to your data when you delete the WhatsApp account?
How to delete a WhatsApp account


WhatsApp tutorial: delete an account

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging application in the world. This service, which is currently part of the Facebook group, long ago surpassed Facebook Messenger, the parent company's own messaging service. Some 1.5 billion users send WhatsApp messages in the form of voice or text files every day. In Spain alone, it is used by 30.5 million people , representing 87 percent of Internet users. In comparison,? Alone? 43 percent of Spanish users communicate through Facebook Messenger..

According to the Fundación Telefónica Digital Society in Spain 2018 report , in 2018, 97 percent of young people between the ages of 14 and 24 used WhatsApp daily in Spain. However, despite these impressive figures, the giant and market leader has always been the target of criticism, mostly due to insufficient data protection . Since the service was merged with Facebook, a platform that often generates mistrust, more and more people have the feeling of not knowing what is happening with their data, sometimes very personal. If you have decided on one of the safest alternatives to WhatsApp on the market, here we explain how to delete WhatsApp.

  1. What to consider before deleting the WhatsApp account
    1. How to delete a WhatsApp account
  2. What happens to your data when you delete the WhatsApp account?

What to consider before deleting the WhatsApp account

You have already made the decision, but now you ask yourself:? How do I delete WhatsApp? First of all, you should know that once the account is deleted, you will lose all messages, chat histories and copies of stored files , and that you will not be able to recover them. The procedure to delete your account is identical for Android and iOS..

How to delete a WhatsApp account

In the case of WhatsApp, to remove the account from the service, it is not enough to uninstall the application from the device, since a lot of personal data is stored on the provider's servers, which also has its advantages. For example, if you change your phone, all your data will be available again when you reinstall the application. If you want to say goodbye to WhatsApp forever, follow these steps:

  1. Open the? Settings? Menu . First of all, open WhatsApp and select? Settings ?. On Android, you can access this menu by clicking on the icon with the three dots, in the upper right corner. On iPhone, the button appears at the bottom right.
The first thing we will have to do to delete WhatsApp is access the account settings.
  1. Open the account settings menu . In the "Settings" menu, click "Account". The interface to configure it will open.
Click on? Account? to access the account settings interface.
  1. ?Delete my account? . In the? Account? Menu, select the option? Delete my account ?. A screen will open where you must confirm this action. To do this, it is not enough just to press? Delete my account? (? Delete my account?).
After clicking? Delete my account ?, you must confirm the deletion process.

If you do not want to delete the account, but only change the phone number associated with it, you can do so by selecting the option? Change number ?.

  1. Confirm the deletion . The system warns you that if you delete your WhatsApp account, all the account information, profile picture, message histories and WhatsApp groups will be deleted, as well as backup copies from iCloud or Google Drive if corresponds. After entering the phone number, confirm with? Delete my account ?.
Once you've entered the phone number, just click? Delete my account? to end.

This way, you will have finished the process. However, WhatsApp indicates that it may take some time to delete data and backups permanently. What exactly does it mean that the data will be deleted? And what exactly about them?

What happens to your data when you delete the WhatsApp account?

WhatsApp has been criticized for years for collecting and storing user data. The application saves all the data associated with the account, such as name and profile photo, date of birth, phone number and status. Usually , messages and photos are not stored long term , but are saved in a cache memory 30 days . Deleted messages can be recovered by making a backup copy - they are generally not stored on the WhatsApp server. However, the service regularly reads contact details and creates internal user profiles, collecting location information and call tracking..

Although WhatsApp guarantees that all collected data will be deleted , it is not entirely clear what exactly happens to it. All the registration data remains stored in the WhatsApp database, and the company reserves the right to store other data for legal reasons.

According to WhatsApp, deleting the account involves the following:

  • Access to the account is canceled.
  • Deletion of backed up data can take up to 90 days.
  • Files and messages sent to other users are not deleted.
  • A copy of some data (eg log information) may remain anonymous in the database.
  • For legal reasons, other data could be saved, which WhatsApp justifies by referring to the General Data Protection Regulation.
  • Data related to other Facebook services is also deleted.