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How to find the Windows 8 product key

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How to find the Windows 8 product key

If you want to format your computer and reinstall Windows 8, on certain occasions you will need the Windows 8 product key, a 25-digit code with which the Windows license is activated. But what if you no longer know where you wrote down the password? Do not worry! It is possible to find out the Windows 8 key..

  1. When is it necessary to know the password of your Windows 8?
  2. Know the Windows 8 product key with helper programs
    1. License Crawler
    2. The Magical Jelly Bean Product Key Finder
    3. The SterJo Product Key Finder
  3. Learn the Windows 8 Product Key with cmd or PowerShell

When is it necessary to know the password of your Windows 8?

A product key identifies you as the rightful owner of software . Since you have a serial or license number, Microsoft assumes that you actually bought the programs. Because, although anyone can copy the software, the product key is unique and can only be used for one version of the software. And this is the case with Windows 8. If you have purchased the operating system as a version on physical media, the product key is usually found on the packaging. But not finding the key can be cumbersome.

During a reinstallation of the operating system, you will most likely have to enter the product key. Therefore, before getting down to work, it is worth looking for it. Can't find it anywhere? Luckily, it is possible to know your Windows 8 password with the help of additional software or directly with Windows tools..


Starting with Windows 8, it is no longer necessary to know the product key, as long as you bought your computer or laptop from an original equipment manufacturer and with a pre-installed operating system. In this case, the product key is in the hardware and automatically activates your system as soon as you reinstall it.

Know the Windows 8 product key with helper programs

There are many free programs with which you can find out your Windows 8 serial number. The three applications that we present below are simple and therefore offer the desired result quickly without the need for complex adjustments..

License Crawler

LicenseCrawler is free for individual users, but companies have to purchase a license. This little program scans your entire system and lists the serial numbers for all applications . With this tool you can also find out the product keys of other programs. The result is presented in a simple text file that can be directly encoded if desired to protect sensitive information.

The Magical Jelly Bean Product Key Finder

The Magical Jelly Bean keyfinder not only has a prestigious name, but it offers very good results. The key finder examines the operating system registry and can see the Windows 8 key. It works even when Windows can no longer be started . In addition, the tool is capable of finding the product keys of more than 300 programs. For those who are not enough with the free version, Recover Keys is available as an alternative and paid, a tool that offers even more functions.

The SterJo Product Key Finder

The SterJo software search engine surprises with its speed of results . The program starts and in a few seconds the software knows the Windows 8 key. This tool can also display the product key of other programs. Like the key finder above, this one is also capable of finding the Windows license when the operating system cannot start.

Learn the Windows 8 Product Key with cmd or PowerShell

If you don't want to have to download another software program and you can do without a graphical interface, then you should make use of the tools available in the operating system. You can also use cmd.exe or PowerShell to view the Windows 8 key. To do this, proceed as follows:

  1. Open the Run dialog with the Windows key + R shortcut and enter the cmd command in the input field to open the Windows console.
Via the run dialog the command line is easily opened.

Alternatively you can access the Windows PowerShell tool through the run dialog.

PowerShell is a command line with advanced functions.
  1. Regardless of whether you are in the Windows console or in PowerShell, enter the following command: wmic path softwarelicensingservice get OA3xOriginalProductKey and confirm with the? Enter? Key. The program will indicate the product key so that you can easily copy or extract it.
Viewing the Windows 8 product key is easily done with cmd.
Also in PowerShell you quickly get the Windows 8 product key.

Are you using another version of Microsoft's operating system? In another article we explain how to find the Windows 7 product key and how to find the Windows 10 product key.