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How to gain followers on Instagram

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Tips to get followers on Instagram
What to avoid to gain followers on Instagram
Getting more followers on Instagram: a matter of dedication and common sense
Optimize the profile and content
Use the correct hashtag
Create a network of contacts


How to gain followers on Instagram

In 2010, Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger launched a free photo-sharing service that, just two years later, was acquired by Facebook for a record $ 1 trillion. This photographic network is Instagram and, since that time, when it had a scant twelve workers, it has grown exponentially until today it becomes a social network with more than 400 million users worldwide that receives around 80 millions of photos and videos daily..

Until now, those who have recognized the potential of the network and have used it as a springboard to enhance their personal brand , especially since the door to video was opened in 2013, have been figures of public life such as athletes, artists and models, who, by regularly posting images of their private and public life, are gaining more followers on Instagram every day. Companies, however, timidly remain at a distance, perhaps because, until now, it is not possible to create any corporate profile (a Legal Notice, for example, can only be linked), although with the appropriate strategy, Instagram can be a very useful tool in corporate marketing . Both in the case of celebrities and companies, the more followers, the more effective the actions that are carried out.


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Tips to get followers on Instagram

Gaining many followers on Instagram in a short time does not seem very difficult in light of the articles and tutorials that circulate on the Internet. Getting 500 new followers in an hour or 10,000 in a week seems like a little trick and even, as seems usual in the social media sector, it is possible to run into dubious offers where followers are bought.

The big problem with these methods is the lack of sustainability , thus betraying the reason for being of a large community of followers, since it is not only about getting numbers, but about creating a community of really interested followers. Thus, expanding the profile's radius of influence and generating more followers is only possible if these people comment, share or indicate that they like a publication. No less important is the weight of the Instagram algorithm , which means that users do not automatically receive all the publications of the profile to which they subscribed, but an already filtered selection based on relevance . If a user does not interact with the entries of a profile, little by little they will stop showing, even if they are their follower. The objective is, for all this, to gain active followers who receive the updates , are interested in the publications and, in the best of cases, comment and share ..

We have compiled some tips for Instagram that can help you in achieving this goal.


Optimize the profile and content

Something fundamental to get followers on Instagram is to take care of the concept in terms of content, since the posts that are published represent the company or the brand and, therefore, they should first show their distinctive aspects. In this regard, it is worth spending enough time choosing the most appropriate motif or topic and, when in doubt, it is better to post less than to do so without a clear reason.

As Instagram is primarily a photography and video network, the role of the quality of photos, graphics and videos is obviously central. Contrary to what happens in the case of individual users, a company should always publish photos with the best possible resolution, from 2015 to 2048 x 2048 pixels, in such a way as to avoid resorting to the typical filters that the network makes available of the users.

An Instagram profile is like the business card of the brand or the company, so you have to choose a username and a profile photo that are appropriate , arouse the interest of the user and inform them of what they can find in it . It is important, in this sense, to resort to the topics and categories proposed by the social network, such as food, photography, animals, fashion, etc., since specialized profiles are the ones with the most followers. It should not be forgotten that the more harmonious the relationship between the concept and the image, the more trust arouses among network users. This trust is what will increase the number of followers who appreciate and share the publications on Instagram of the brand or company in question.

Use the correct hashtag

Tags or hashtags are the main element of filtering on Instagram. Adding them to an entry allows their thematic cataloging on the platform, hence the importance of finding the tag that best suits the image or video that you want to publish. It can be useful, in this regard, to inspect what the competition is doing in this regard, especially if their profiles are older, but not to ignore a personal search. On top-hastags.com, for example, you will find daily updated figures on the most popular labels such as:

  • #followback,
  • #instagramers,
  • #nofilter
  • or #instagood.

However, we must not forget that the most popular hashtags are precisely the ones that have the most competition, so it would be convenient to find a balanced combination between very popular labels and others of your own creation.

Likewise, even though the platform allows the use of up to 30 hashtags per publication, it is not advisable to use all of them, since a more moderate number of between 5 and 10 tags allows a good thematic classification and, with it, good visibility. There are tools that can be of great help when it comes to managing the tags that are used, such as the TagsForLikes application, which allows you to keep perspective on those that have already been used so that you do not have to manually enter them again . With this application it is possible to store them and copy them later to another publication.

Create a network of contacts

As in any other social platform, daily communication with followers is one of the most important tasks and, at the same time, the easiest way to gain followers on Instagram. To motivate users to comment on posts , one tactic might be to embed questions and calls to action into posts . The more original these requests for interaction, the better. This could also lead to the creation of your own hashtags .

Regardless of whether you use these interactive elements or not, there is an extremely important issue when it comes to being successful and getting more followers on Instagram that you should never forget: the moment of publication . If you post when your target audience is not online, the chances of them paying attention to your post are greatly reduced. Until Instagram, together with the announced corporate profiles, offers its own instagram analysis tools, it is advisable to use external instruments such as Iconoquare, which allows for very complete statistics on the activity of the subscribers to the profile and on the success of each entry, that will allow optimizing the strategy on the platform.

When it comes to networking on Instagram, these tips can also be helpful:

  • Respond to comments and likes : show interest in followers and respond to comments if given the opportunity. Don't forget to say thank you when a post is particularly liked.
  • Create contacts : interaction with other instagramers belongs to the basic principles of the photography platform. Following other users, commenting on their posts, or liking them increases the chances that they will do the same in reverse. An alternative is cooperation with influencers.
  • Geotagging : providing information about the place where a photograph or video was taken is not relevant for all types of companies, but if its field of action is international or, on the contrary, closely linked to the environment, the Geotagging can be a way to add authenticity to your profile and to more easily reach audiences at a regional level.
  • Link Instagram with other social networks : it is convenient to link the profile on Instagram with those of other social networks in which the brand or company is publicly presented, bearing in mind, of course, that in each network differentiated exclusive content must be published, avoiding publish the same entry on each platform.

What to avoid to gain followers on Instagram

Among the things that should be avoided in the search for followers is the aforementioned purchase of followers, although it does not directly violate the regulations, as it does, on the other hand, the automatic publication of entries through certain tools or scripts. These are explicitly prohibited in the general conditions of use of Instagram.

Apart from these clear attacks on the terms of use, other actions, such as publishing posts that have not been sufficiently elaborated , a wrong strategy regarding labels and a too high frequency of publications , are among the sources of failure. most common. Even if it is possible to delete the entry afterwards, it would be advisable to check beforehand that the content and keywords do not contain double meanings or negative connotations and that they can only be understood in the way they are intended, especially in relation to labels , with which it is very common to make mistakes. In this sense, it is necessary to avoid resorting to very popular tags but not clearly related to the publication , in the same way that the use of groups of automatically generated hashtags rarely leads to success.

Getting more followers on Instagram: a matter of dedication and common sense

All these tips for Instagram increase the chances of turning this social network into an effective promotional platform . Now, do not panic if, despite applying them, the increase in followers, especially at the beginning, is too slow. When a serious concept is developed, there is rarely a sudden growth, something that, on the other hand, is perceived rather negatively by the fan community.

Finally, below we summarize the keys to gain more followers on Instagram:

  • Specialize in a certain topic
  • Create qualitatively interesting and valuable content
  • Use a good mix of your own and popular tags
  • Post when there's a reason to
  • Post at the time of day your fans are online
  • Deliberately encourage your followers with questions and calls to action
  • Make contact with other Instagrammers or influencers
  • Do not forget to use other social networks as a promotional tool