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0x80070057: this is how you can fix the Windows parameters error

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0x80070057: this is how you can fix the Windows parameters error

Windows is one of the most used operating systems for both computers and servers. On the one hand, this is due to the excellent marketing carried out by the manufacturer, Microsoft , on the other hand, because the system is very easy to use and has been continuously improved over the years. However, Windows systems are also notorious for their high error rates, and the displayed messages are often highly cryptic and provide little information about what the problem is to less experienced users. An example of these cases is the error 0x80070057 that can appear both in the current edition of Windows 10 and in some previous version such as Windows 7. In the next sections we will explain what this error means and how it can be solved..

  1. Windows error 0x80070057: meaning and causes
  2. Fixing Error 0x80070057: Best Solution Strategies
  3. This is how you can fix error 0x80070057 in Windows 10 update
    1. Solution 1. Change old Windows update applet by registry entry
    2. Solution 2. Delete bad registry entries
    3. Solution 3. Search for corrupted system files
    4. Solution 4. Disabling or removing third-party tools
  4. Error code 0x80070057 when saving files with Windows backup function
    1. Solution 1. Adapting the settings for the decimal point element
    2. Solution 2. Increase the data transfer speed of the? CopyFile? via registry entry
  5. This is how you can solve the error 0x80070057 when formatting the hard drive
    1. Solution 1. Formatting partitions using the installation wizard
    2. Solution 2. Formatting partitions using DiskPart via Command Prompt

Windows error 0x80070057: meaning and causes

Windows message 0x80070057 refers to an error caused by invalid parameters or arguments . Therefore, sometimes you can come across additional information? E_INVALIDARG ? or? ERROR_INVALID_PARAMETER ?, which specifically addresses this problem. Depending on the action in which the error occurred, they can be very different arguments or properties. Additionally, this message also appears if access to the executed system operation has been prevented for other reasons (especially filter drivers). Typical scenarios that lead to error code 0x80070057 are mainly automatic Windows updates (in Windows 10), saving files using the Windows backup function (mainly in Windows 7), as well as formatting the hard drive. .


Errors like 0x80070057 can also be the result of more serious damage to the operating system and can lead to system crash. If your Windows system does not start due to an error of this type, you can consult the following article from the link to find out how to solve the problem.

Fixing Error 0x80070057: Best Solution Strategies

When a Windows function stops working and the system issues the error code 0x80070057, a restart of the computer is usually not enough to fix the problem. The wrong parameter or argument must be detected and corrected so that Windows can rerun the action as usual. Since normally the message does not give clues about which inputs or settings have caused the error, you have no choice but to try different solutions. In this context, it is decisive whether the error is due to a Windows update, hard drive formatting, or file saving. For this reason, the following solution steps refer to different scenarios..

This is how you can fix error 0x80070057 in Windows 10 update

The Update Center is undoubtedly one of the most important components of Windows on all systems that are connected to the Internet or other networks: Microsoft uses it to automatically provide you with the latest security updates , bug fixes, and features to ensure stability and long-term system security. If the error 0x80070057 arises when installing a new update, you should be very careful. In the following sections we explain some of the most effective solutions.

Solution 1. Change old Windows update applet by registry entry

Along with Windows 10, Microsoft has also integrated a new update service that downloads data from Windows-specific update servers. When this process is not carried out correctly, problems such as error 0x80070057 can arise. If this is the case, you can fix the error in just a few steps, you just have to reactivate the old Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 update applet through a small intervention in the registry database:

To do this, create a simple text file (eg with Notepad) and enter the following content:

  [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WindowsUpdate\UX] ?IsConvergedUpdateStackEnabled?=dword:00000000 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WindowsUpdate\UX\Settings] ?UxOption?=dword:00000000  

To save the created file as? Registry entry? should you give it a random name and add the file extension .reg , for example? ErrorUpdate.reg? . Import the registry entry by double-clicking the file and selecting? Yes ? in the subsequent dialog:

If you make changes to the registry, you must first confirm the import of the new entries.

Then start checking for updates again to see if problem 0x80070057 has been fixed successfully..

Solution 2. Delete bad registry entries

Introducing new entries is not the only solution, removing old entries from the Windows registry can also be helpful in troubleshooting update errors such as error 0x80070057: often? WUServer? Entries. and? WUStatusServer? have wrong values ​​if Windows previously had contact with a Windows Update Services (WSUS) server . This is very common in the server environment where both individual update servers and group policies are used. To delete the corresponding data, first open the registry database using the registry editor as follows:

  1. Press the key combination [Windows key] + [R] .
  2. Enter? regedit ? in the search window and confirm with? OK ?.
  3. Enter your password if the system asks for it.

In the editor you must open the following key:


If you have found the two mentioned entries, select them with the right mouse button, click? Delete ? and confirm with? Yes ?:

To delete values ​​from the Registry database, you need administrator rights and Windows requires you to confirm the deletion process.

Then restart Windows and go to the update center to make a new update attempt.

Solution 3. Search for corrupted system files

Parameter error 0x80070057 can also be caused by a corrupted system file, so it is advisable to thoroughly check your system files . To do this, Windows offers its own tool called System File Checker (SFC) that you can run through the Command Prompt if you have administrator rights. The application checks all the system files and then tries to repair the erroneous files found . The SFC always displays the results, so you can replace the corrupted data yourself if necessary.

To use the checker program, first open the Command Prompt as administrator :

  1. Access Windows search through the start menu (Windows icon).
  2. Type? cmd ? and right click on? Command Prompt ?.
  3. Select the menu option? Run as administrator ?.

Now enter the following command on the command line:

  sfc /scannow  

Confirm your entry with the Enter key to start the verification process. Do not close the Command Prompt window until the check is complete and the SFC has reported the corresponding results.

If you don't start Command Prompt as an administrator or if you don't have the proper rights, you won't be able to use some system tools, such as SFC.

Solution 4. Disabling or removing third-party tools

In exceptional cases, some third-party applications, such as antivirus software , backup programs, and performance tools , can prevent the update center from accessing the necessary files. In this case, the error 0x80070057 may also appear, so you should close these types of applications temporarily if you have encountered this problem when performing a Windows update. If you have identified the problem program, you should consider removing it and replacing it with an alternative program.


Many third-party programs in the aforementioned industries (antivirus, backup, and performance software) use so-called filter drivers that serve as extensions to standard drivers to allow additional functionality without the need to develop a completely new driver. However, these filter drivers are also known to cause problems like error 0x80070057, so they are a good reference point for locating the problem tool . You can check a list of all the filter drivers present through the command? fltmc ? (requires administrator rights).

Error code 0x80070057 when saving files with Windows backup function

Using the backup and restore tool, Windows offers a proprietary solution for backing up entire drives (including all user files) and loading them if necessary. If you are going to use this feature and you receive the message 0x80070057, this situation is usually due to two causes: a wrong setting in the Windows regional settings or a general problem with the? CopyFile? . This function is necessary to copy files from one directory to another. Therefore, you have two options to solve this data storage problem on your own.

Solution 1. Adapting the settings for the decimal point element

Regional settings determine what settings and formats should be applied on the system in terms of time, language, and region. Among other aspects, it also establishes which separation element should be used for decimals. In Spain, for example, the comma is used , while in the US, the UK or China the point is established as a decimal separator. If the decimal separation item setting does not match the system language and country setting, Windows lists it as an erroneous parameter , thus preventing the backup and outputting message 0x80070057.

In this case, to solve the problem, simply set the correct option for the decimal separation element as follows:

  1. Access the Control Panel through the start menu.
  2. Select the category? Region ? (requires icon view).
  3. On the? Format? Tab, click? Additional configuration ... ?.
  4. Now, set the comma as the desired decimal symbol.
  5. Click? Apply? and then on? OK? to save the setting.
  6. Restart your computer.
The correct setting of the decimal symbol depends on the configured language and region settings.

It may be that third-party applications make modifications to the regional settings and thus override the settings made in the control panel. In this case, you must deactivate the corresponding software to carry out the corresponding save.

Solution 2. Increase the data transfer speed of the? CopyFile? via registry entry

Although it is not an error in itself and in most cases it does not represent a problem, a data transfer speed that is too low can be the cause of error 0x80070057 when backing up Windows. If you have administrator rights, you can try to increase the speed by adjusting the buffer settings for the aforementioned? CopyFile? when entering it in the corresponding way in the registry database.

To do this, you must open the Registry editor through the option? Run ? from the start menu by entering? regedit? and confirming with? OK ?. Then click on the following editor key :


Now click on the right menu window of the Registry editor and select the option? DWORD value (32-Bit) ?:


Alternatively, you can also create new entries in the Registry editor using the menu option? Edit ?.

Before pressing the Enter key to add the entry to the database, enter the following name for this new registry entry:


You should then be able to see the entry in the editor and select it with the right mouse button. In the menu that opens you must click on? Modify ? to enter the value? 1? in the data field? Value ?. To finish, click? Accept ? and close the Registry editor. After restarting the system you can try again to make a backup.


The improper interventions in the registry can cause system problems or require reinstallation of the operating system. You should only carry out the modifications if you can perform the steps as indicated above.

This is how you can solve the error 0x80070057 when formatting the hard drive

If you want or need to reinstall your Windows system, one of the first tasks of the installation wizard is to format the hard drive partitions required for installation to prepare them for the next steps. In this context, erroneous parameters or arguments can arise with the attribute? Reserved for the system? which can cause error 0x80070057, a fact that prevents reinstallation of Windows. However, the wizard offers you two types of solutions that you can consult in the next two sections.


In the partition Reserved for Windows system stores different data relevant to the system. Among other data, the boot manager is stored here , in charge of reporting the location of the operating system or the signed drivers of the most important applications on the system.

Solution 1. Formatting partitions using the installation wizard

If you are reinstalling Windows using external installation media (CD, DVD, USB stick, etc.) and you encounter error code 0x80070057, you can try to fix the error directly through the installation wizard . Since the wizard allows you to manually delete partitions with parameter errors and then create new partitions, these partitions can now be formatted without problem , unlike the previous partition of the hard disk. To do this, restart the computer with the Windows boot media and follow these steps:

  1. Define the default language, time format and keyboard settings or input method and then start the installation.
  2. Accept the Microsoft license terms and select User Defined (Extended) Installation .
  3. Select the partitions listed one after another and delete them with the corresponding button, you must confirm each deletion process with? Accept ?
  4. Click? New ?, Define the desired size of the new partition (the maximum size of the data medium is set by default) and create it by clicking on? Apply ? To guarantee the functionality of the features, Windows automatically creates a second partition (? Reserved for the system?) That you must confirm using the button? Accept ?
  5. Select partition 2 and press the button? Format ?.
  6. Click? OK? to start formatting and continue with the Windows installation by clicking? Next ? once the formatting process has been completed successfully.

To protect your privacy, the video will be uploaded after clicking.

Solution 2. Formatting partitions using DiskPart via Command Prompt

In addition, the Boot Media Wizard offers you the ability to remove problematic data carriers, including partitions, through the Command Prompt and replace these partitions with new ones that are not damaged to correct error 0x80070057. In the following explanation we show you step by step how to do it:

  1. Start your computer using the installation media and select? Repair the equipment ? instead of? Install Now ?.
  2. In the next window, click? Command Prompt ? to access the command line.
  3. Using the command? diskpart ?, starts the program to manage DiskPart partitions.
  4. Access the display of all available data carriers with the command? list disk ? and select the desired candidate with? select disk n ?,? n? refers to the number of the data medium (eg select disk 0).
  5. Enter? clean ? to delete the partitions of the selected data medium.
  6. Through ? create partition primary ?, create a new primary partition and then select it with? select partition 1 ?.
  7. Unlock the new partition on the data medium with the command? active ? and then perform a full format using? format fs = ntfs ?.
  8. Once the process is finished, close DiskPart and the Command Prompt, entering the command twice? exit ?
  9. Try reinstalling Windows again .

To protect your privacy, the video will be uploaded after clicking.


If you do not start the Command Prompt through the installation wizard, but through the system interface , you will only be able to format with DiskPart those data carriers that do not contain relevant data for the system.

Please, take into account the legal notice related to this article.