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Parse error: There was an error parsing the packet?

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What does parse error mean? and how it works?
Android app parsing error: why does it happen?
Step by step guide to fix the problem


Parse error: There was an error parsing the packet?

Android users can download a seemingly endless selection of apps from the Google Play Store . There are applications for all kinds of interests; apps for all kinds of hobbies. However, the desired application is not always found, since the ambition of the developers does not always lead to the Store used. The reason? Google only allows applications on Google Play that comply with the Developer Program Policy ..

Some developers are unable or unwilling to comply with these guidelines, so they choose to offer their applications through other platforms. Android users can take the risk and also access, download and install these applications that are not offered on Google Play. However, when running the installation package, this failure could occur, manifested by the following message:? Parse error: An error occurred while parsing the package. What is hidden behind this notification? And how can the parse error be fixed?

  1. What does parse error mean? and how it works?
  2. Android app parsing error: why does it happen?
  3. Step by step guide to fix the problem

What does parse error mean? and how it works?

The process behind this parse error is called in English the "parse error", which consists of dividing large data packets into smaller parts so that the device can use them . Before you can install applications or software, a series of? Analyzers? Specialists must divide the data packet of said applications into smaller information units in order to be able to send the execution order to the processor, since the operating systems cannot recognize the data packets. If an operating system like Android does not receive explicit instructions on how to proceed with a certain package, it will not be able to use the data. Once the packets have been divided into smaller units, the analyzers evaluate this information and assign meaning to it. Thus, it can be said that the division process determines in a certain way the understanding process of a computer . Here's an illustrative example:

In principle, a computer cannot interpret the equation 31 x 53 + (2?). Therefore, to know what operations to perform, analyzers must first isolate each of the different terms in the equation :

  • 3
  • 1
  • x
  • 5
  • 3
  • +
  • (
  • 2
  • ?
  • )

Now, meaning can be more easily assigned to the various components, so that analyzers can verify the structure of the equation and deduce its meaning so that the processor understands that? X? and? +? they are mathematical operators.

Similarly, although considerably more complex, the analysis processes carried out by the Android operating system work when the user downloads a data package and tries to install it. What happens then exactly and why can errors occur?

Android app parsing error: why does it happen?

The Android applications available on Google Play have their own file format. In the same way that computer applications have an .exe format , Android applications have the .apk format . This is the abbreviation used for? Android Package File? and names a special Android data packet. All applications that users download from Google Play have this format and the operating system installs them automatically ..

However, users can also download .apk files from other sources. There are countless websites that offer useful applications for Android devices over the Internet. However, the user must always assess the reliability of these pages, since it is during the installation of these unofficial applications that the aforementioned analysis error appears . When the error appears, Android creates the following notification:? An error occurred while analyzing the package ?, and the reason is that, during the analysis of the data package, the instructions could not be divided into parts that the system operating can understand . Therefore, Android cannot process the package.

Step by step guide to fix the problem

Often the cause of the message? An error occurred while parsing the packet? resides in the system settings of the Android device. To fix the error, check the following settings and make any necessary modifications:

  • Is the application compatible with the version of the operating system?
  • Is the .apk file corrupted or has it been downloaded completely?
  • Do the device's security settings allow downloading of apps from unknown sources?

On Android devices with versions prior to 8.0, you can allow the installation of files from unknown sources as follows:

  1. Access the settings.
  2. Click? Security ? (or:? Security and data protection?)
  3. Looking for the section? Special access to applications ?
  4. Activate the option? Allow installation of unknown apps ? O well ? Trust this source ?.

In later versions of Android, it is more difficult to access and activate the setting options for third-party applications . However, in most cases it works as follows:

  1. Access the settings.
  2. Enter? disco ? in the search field and click the option? Install unknown apps ?.
  3. Among the options displayed, select again? Install unknown apps ?.
  4. Next, click in order on the browser used and on the Android file manager, and activate the option? Authorize downloads from this source ?

Now the manual installation of the .apk should work fine . In case the application is not compatible with the version of the Android operating system, you can only wait for an update of the application to take place and try to install it manually again . If you suspect that the .apk file might be corrupted, try downloading the application from another source, and if the parse error persists, it should be concluded that the application is not compatible with the system, or is corrupted..