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Free DynDNS: A Look at the Best Providers

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DynDNS Service
Securepoint DynDNS
Free DynDNS comparison


Free DynDNS: A Look at the Best Providers

Today it is possible to access your home computer from anywhere thanks to the remote desktop connection. However, the connection often fails due to the Internet provider itself, which is responsible for regularly receiving new IP addresses from the Internet connection. To establish a constant connection with the server, so-called dynamic DNS or DynDNS (Dynamic Domain Name System) is used.

Dynamic DNS services forward the constantly changing IP addresses of your home network to a fixed domain name and thus allow access. In our guide, we inform you about the types of DynDNS services available and the differences between the various DynDNS alternatives, both free and paid..

  1. DynDNS Service
  2. dynv6
  3. No-IP
  4. Securepoint DynDNS
  5. Dynu
  6. Free DynDNS comparison

You can find more information on how the Dynamic Domain Name System works in our guide on DynDNS.

This is the mechanics of a DynDNS service: 1) The router communicates to the DynDNS server the valid IP address. The DynDNS server then knows that the router named "homexyz" is now available at the address "". 2) The router is now available at http://homexyz.dyndns.org. The DynDNS server takes care of redirecting to the valid IP address.

DynDNS Service

The German service provider DynDNS is one of the most widely used today and offers both a free and paid version. In the free DynDNS mode you can create up to three dynamic domains and in the premium paid package up to 100 URLs for private or commercial use. The only requirement is to create a free account with a few clicks on the provider page. The next step is very simple: create the dynamic domain and enter the account details in the router..


Also, the free version of this dynamic DNS service also offers real-time updating of IP addresses.

Another added benefit is comprehensive customer support . You can contact the DynDNS provider by email or directly by filling out a form. In addition, the website also provides assistance and manuals ..

As a premium user you can access a series of interesting additional functions , thanks to which it is not necessary to make any manual entry in the router or that this works through the so - called DynDNS Updater-Tool , which allows you to use up to 100 applications or DynDNS URLs in a parallel and without problems (for example, for the use of several webcams simultaneously). Other advantages are:

  • The tool works independently of the router , which means that there is no need to make manual inputs to the router.
  • It does not require installation in the operating system.
  • It is easy to operate .
  • It is suitable for all types of operating systems (Windows, Linux, macOS etc.) as long as they have Java installed.
  • You can set the update timer from 5 seconds to 5 minutes continuously.

Disadvantage : a fee is required to activate the DynDNS Updater-Tool . For this, your account (ddclient) will become premium , with which you can create up to 100 dynamic URLs.


The DynDNS provider dynv6 provides the private user with a completely free solution. On the provider's website it is possible to register a public hostname without waiting long, for both IPv4 and IPv6. The user chooses the name freely and is not subject to any limitation on the number of domains he can register.

Added to this is that interfaces can be used to update zones. Public keys are used for REST and SSH. For the DNS Update service, the free DynDNS provider allows you to apply a so-called TSIG key, which can be generated on the service's web page.

The manufacturing company already makes it clear on its website that the dynv6 offer is not aimed at companies, since it does not offer protection against powerful DDoS attacks, nor can it guarantee technical support that meets their needs.


The No-IP homepage already conveys a certain seriousness. The American provider of DynDNS offers three different packages:

Free dynamic DNS (Free Dynamic DNS) Improved DynDNS, paid? (Enhanced Dynamic DNS) DynDNS managed, paid ?? (Plus Managed DNS, paid)
3 host names More than 25 hostnames More than 50 hostnames
Limited selection of domains More than 80 domain options Includes domain registration (?)
Account must be verified every 30 days No expiration period No expiration date, phone support

Even though the free version of the software offers a total of 3 hostnames , users sometimes complain about the expiration date of the account , as it needs to be verified every 30 days, otherwise it will be deleted immediately. These disadvantages are not present in the payment options and, in addition, in the premium version , for example, telephone assistance is also included.

Securepoint DynDNS

The German provider Securepoint DynDNS is free and offers 5 hosts and 100 domains . The advantage of this free DynDNS service is that it integrates seamlessly with the provider's firewall and other devices. This free DynDNS option can also be used without Securepoint devices.

Other of its characteristics are the compatibility with the IPv6 protocol and the refresh token, an additional password for greater security. You can also get assistance through the contact form or through the instructions or the forum.


Dynu is a free or paid dynamic DNS service that allows you to use a dynu.com domain or your own and also offers a free DynDNS client that works in the background and with which IP addresses are updated automatically.

The freeware mode allows you to use an account without expiration limits until you want and integrates the basic functions, although it lacks, for example, the backup or logging function . For a membership of $ 9.99 per year, you get unlimited hostnames, MX records, URL forwarding, as well as 500 free domains, priority customer support, and other extra features like email notifications, discounts , backups, etc.

Free DynDNS comparison

  Number of hosts and domains Requirements characteristics Customer support  
DynDNS Service (free) 3 hosts, limited number of domains Simple registration - Email, support and access to manuals  
DynDNS Service (paid) 100 hosts, limited number of domains Simple registration Tool for paid updates Email, support and access to manuals  
dynv6 (free) Unlimited number of hosts, freedom of choice of names Quick registration Various APIs Community  
No-IP (free) 3 hosts, limited domains Account verification every 30 days - Email only  
No-IP Enhanced Dynamic DNS 25+ hostnames, 80+ domain options User account, no expiration No advertising, total guarantee of availability By email and phone  
No-IP Plus-Managed DNS (paid) More than 50 host names, domain registration User account, no expiration Supports email upgrade (email upgrade) and SSL upgrade (SSL upgrade) By email and phone  
Securepoint DynDNS (free) 5 hosts, 100 domains Registry Supports IPv6, refresh token Contact form, instructions, forum  
Dynu (free) 4 domain names, 4 subdomains Free registration Free DynDNS Client FAQ, tutorials  
Dynu (paid) 500 domain names, unlimited subdomains Free registration Free DynDNS Client FAQ, tutorials