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Take advantage of Facebook for businesses

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Strategic planning guarantees the success of a Facebook page
How do you introduce yourself and address the customer?
Publish meaningfully
Facebook for business: a profitable investment


Take advantage of Facebook for businesses

Nowadays, having a Facebook page is essential for businesses. In view of the size and relevance of the platform, it might be considered almost unwise not to include this social network in a company's marketing strategy. It does not matter the sector of your company or what your target audience is: with a Facebook page you present your business to the public and cultivate direct communication with existing and potential customers . For the effort to be reflected favorably in the final figures, you have to plan the page well and invest enough time both in its design and in its maintenance. Without forgetting the intuition necessary to know how to reach your potential clients: your followers..

Strategic planning guarantees the success of a Facebook page


Creating a page on Facebook, attracting followers with sweepstakes and posting entries from time to time is not enough for this platform to bring benefits to companies in the long term. If we want the number of fans or followers (those users who click on "Like" ) to grow steadily, as well as to convince potential clients of our offer, we need a good strategy and correct planning. If you offer your followers quality content, in the long run it is possible to take advantage of a popularity that does not stop growing, as customer loyalty increases and increases, in the best of cases, turnover. Before creating a Facebook page, you might want to ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is my target audience ?
  • How can I differentiate myself from the competition's Fanpages?
  • What goals do I want to achieve with my Facebook page (strengthen the brand, increase sales, increase customer satisfaction)?

A Facebook page for companies that represents the company in the best way is only possible on the basis of planning that includes even the smallest detail. Due to the great importance that social networks like Facebook have for companies, many companies entrust the maintenance of the Facebook page to an external online marketing agency, especially when they do not have the capacity or sufficient knowledge for a commitment to long term. A specialized agency assists you not only in the creation of a suitable concept, but also, if desired, in the planning of the publications and in the general maintenance of the page.

How do you introduce yourself and address the customer?

It is essential that your Fanpage reflects the philosophy of the company. A page that conveys a confusing image of the company to the user is an obstacle to the success of the strategy and could lead to the loss of customers..

The authenticity plays a decisive role in any strategy of Facebook for businesses, both in planning and in creating and maintaining Fanpage. Equally decisive is to give the publications an appropriate and interesting treatment, in order to offer unique content. The following recommendations can help you achieve this:

  • Accentuate the corporate image of your company (Corporate Design) in the timeline of your Fanpage and in your profile image
  • Communicate all the important data of your company and integrate the Legal Notice. In this way, you increase user confidence.
  • Take advantage of the opportunity that Facebook offers to modify the URL of the page (from 25 "likes"), which facilitates the search.
  • Distinguish your page as the official Facebook page of your company
  • Distribute the contents in different tabs (photos, videos, information)
  • Offers varied topics and always in relation to the company

Equally important is the way you address the customer. The appeal of Facebook for companies is that it allows a more relaxed and informal communication with customers, both existing and potential. For this, social networks are very practical, since the company not only receives feedback on the content it publishes, but also on the brand, the products or the services it offers, and can also fulfill customer service functions. client. The first thing we will do is define how to address the customer in a unitary way on all platforms . Using "you" on the Fanpage, but "you" on the website, gives a certain impression of arbitrariness that is best avoided. Maintain an objective and cordial tone even when responding to critical comments. A consensual positive exchange between company and client guarantees the trust and satisfaction of the latter.

Publish meaningfully

When publishing content on a Facebook page for companies, care must be taken that the page does not become a simple advertising platform where ads about new products are regularly posted , as this will be frowned upon by customers. For this purpose, Facebook ads can be created independently of the company profile..

Instead, you have to take advantage of this Facebook business offer to publish relevant content that offers added value to customers. Contrary to popular belief, the number of posts is not that important, although posting too frequently can lead to user rejection. It is crucial to analyze which publications reach the largest number of users. It is possible that in this way results will be received with which the target audience can be better segmented. Therefore, you have to take care that the texts are easy to understand and choose the best time to publish content. Entries about the company can be published occasionally and you should not forget to congratulate users on festivities and social events. Other very valid resources with which to add attractiveness and relevance to the company's Facebook page are exclusive contests, special offers and surveys.

As part of a good publishing strategy, you should avoid the following mistakes:

  • Spelling mistakes and typos
  • Automated or very long texts
  • Integrate links without checking them first
  • Include many links in a post
  • Use copyrighted images

Facebook for business: a profitable investment

What has been described so far shows that managing a Facebook page should not be taken lightly. However, this should not be an impediment to taking advantage of such an effective marketing tool as this, either by yourself or by using the services of a specialized agency. As the market leader in the field of social media, Facebook reaches a huge number of new potential customers and offers extraordinary possibilities for communication. But taking the first steps in this adventure requires patience. At the beginning, it is better not to pay excessive attention to the number of followers, since it rises, as a rule, very slowly. Instead, focus your attention on publishing quality posts that appeal to customers and are widely publicized. Only in this way will you get your Fanpage to play a relevant role in the success of your company.