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Delete a Spotify account

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Why would you want to abandon Spotify?
How to delete a Spotify account step by step
An alternative: leave your paid subscription


Delete a Spotify account

You may want to delete your Spotify account to switch to another music service, while others may have decided to abandon streaming entirely . In either case, it is necessary to find the corresponding form in the customer area . This article explains the steps to follow to delete your Spotify account and offers you, incidentally, important information and practical advice..

  1. Why would you want to abandon Spotify?
  2. How to delete a Spotify account step by step
  3. An alternative: leave your paid subscription

Why would you want to abandon Spotify?


Deleting your Spotify account can take a load off your internet connection. Many users have noticed that the streaming of this service generates a lot of data traffic . Especially if your connection is rather slow, it can be difficult to run Spotify at the same time as other online services, a problem that becomes even more apparent if you want to listen to music with good sound quality.

There are many possible reasons for deleting a Spotify account, for example the tempting features of other streaming services or the long-term costs of Spotify Premium . If you delete your account, you will no longer have to pay those 9.99? per month or, if you have the family version at home, will you save the 14.99? monthly subscription. Another cause could be the limited selection of music offered by the service, where you don't always get everything you want..

Maybe you don't like automatically generated musical proposals either. There are not few music lovers who are dissatisfied with the Spotify algorithm and prefer to support their favorite artists directly. In addition, Spotify pays very low commissions to groups and singers, that is, musicians would benefit from users deleting their Spotify account and buying more physical media.

How to delete a Spotify account step by step

If you have already decided to delete your Spotify account, follow these steps:

Step 1. In your browser, go to spotify.com or open the Spotify app on your device..

Step 2. Login.

Step 3. In the app, go to the menu above the down arrow icon, next to your username, and select the option? Account ? If you are using the web version, you can skip this step.

Step 4. Once in the initial view of your account, scroll down to the footer and, in the column? Company ?, click on? About ?.

Delete your Spotify account: your account home page

Step 5. In the section? Customer Service and Support Service ?, click on the link? Contact form ?.

How to delete a Spotify account: Contact form link

Step 6. Select the option? Account ?

Step 7. Choose? I want to close my account ?

Delete Spotify account: permanently delete account

Step 8. Click the button? Close account ?

Spotify: Close Spotify Account

Once you have completed these steps to delete your account, your old username cannot be used again. All your lists, artists and followers will have been permanently deleted.

An alternative: leave your paid subscription

An alternative to permanently deleting your Spotify account could be to go to the free version . With it, you can maintain your user profile at no cost, as long as you agree to use the service with certain limitations, that is, with advertising and being able to use the mobile version only in random mode. Listening to music offline is not possible with the free version either. To switch to it, in the last step, instead of choosing? Close account ?, click on Keep your account free .

Spotify: go to the free version